Written by unknown

17 Sep 2008

The weather had been foul and you had been tempted many times to turn back

and go home to a nice warm house but something deep inside you, drove you on.

A smile escaped your lips as remembered the promises that had been

made to you and you wondered if they could walk the walk as good as they

could talk the talk online. Soon you were off the dual carriageway in

deepest Offaly and the flooded fields on either side made you worry about

breaking down on these wet dark country roads and if anyone would venture

out on a night like this. Ahead you saw a light on the road and a car

pulled in, the bonnet was up and some poor man was trying to get his

engine started. You pulled close and slowly rolled the window down,

slightly apprehensive as it could have been a trap of some kind. Thru the

rain you could make out a tall thin man, in an expensive suit desperately

trying to get the engine running. You called out and asked did he need any

help. He said he had rang the garage on his mobile but coverage was poor

and they would be some time. He said he was in a hurry as he had a party

to attend near by and could you give me a lift to the next town so he

could get a taxi. You remembered as he got closer that you had been

dressed for fun and not comfort and quickly buttoned up yr long black coat

that hide black suspenders and a red basque, yr ample bosom heaving as you

tightened the coat. You could see as he got to the window he was eyeing

you up and down and smiling. You struggled not to go red as you noticed

his rugged charm, his deep blue piercing eyes and a huge dimple in this

chin. "get in " you called out to him and he came around the passengers

door, he struggled a little with it and you leaned over to open it from

inside forgetting yr attire and the door swung open, you were leaning

forward exposing ample cleavage. He said nothing like he had not seen

anything as you quickly recomposed yourself and drove on.

The conversation was pleasant and made of little small talk of work and

life nothing serious and soon you were at the next town along the road. He

thanked you for the lift and leaned to peck you on the cheek, you were

shocked by the forwardness and laughed as he said he would see you later

on. Then he was gone and you drove forward knowing your final destination

was maybe another 6 or 7 miles. A certain relief filled you up as you saw

the sign for your final destination. A castle in the country had always

been a dream and thanks to your friend X, he had lent it to you for the

evening for what he thought was a business dinner to impress clients !!!

The old fool if only he knew the truth of what was hopefully to be a long

hard night ahead...........

You pulled up and already cars were outside, you see lights in some of the

rooms, the castle was a wonderful place and intrigued your mind. The

castle has also been investigated by many paranormal investigation groups

from around the world and by Irish paranormal groups. It has also been

visited by numerous paranormal investigators and psychics. Guests of the

castle have reported strange goings on at the castle as well. Your

instincts on the castle for a venue were spot on.

As you sat in the car, a valet and footman appeared and opened the door

for you, then your car was taken away to the side. As you hurried in out

of the rain, you could hear some laughter from a dining room but followed

the footman as he ordered you to follow him, slowly up the big winding

staircase you went, looking at the imposing images of previous Lords of

the Manor.

In the room you had been allotted was a four poster bed and canopy, it

looked straight out of "The Tudors" and the darkness of the reds and

blacks against the candle light impressed you. You heard water running in

the background and a girl appeared at the door to say that Lady Avalon's

bath was ready for her after her long journey. You quickly undressed

disappointed to be removing your sexiest clothes but looking forward to a

nice soaking.

The bath was already filled and scented candles filled the air, light

music drifted in from an old style gramaphone. As you slided gently into

the bath, a tall man appeared all masked but just his trousers on, he

stepped forward and in a soft low voice said have some champers and relax,

he said his name was steve and his job was to ensure that you had a

wonderful bath, he seemed so strong to you that he could at any moment

pick you up and throw you around. He leaned over got a spongue and slowly

lifted yr hair so it would not get too wet, his strong hands impressed you

as he rubbed your back slowly, his gentle touches were slowly turning you

on as he moved around to the front and gently massaged your chest, your

nipples erect to the touch. A tingle slowly developing between yr legs as

he leaned forward and kissed your lips, you felt an erotic charge through

out your body as he kissed you and you felt his fingers in the water

slowly running up your leg, suddenly he was caressing your pussy. You

moaned softly as he slide his finger in, his tongue continued to roll

around your mouth, his kissing deep and passionate. You started to squirm

as he increased the pace of his finger as it teased yr clit, suddenly it

was two fingers and you moaned louder. he stopped and step back a little

into the darkness and you wondered what was to happen next...


As you lay in the bath and the warm water slowly relaxed you, the slow sensation of coming down from an orgasm swept over you, hmmm you were hungry for more, needed more. Then another man appeared at the door smaller than the first, he held towels in his hands and motioned for you to step out of the bath, again he was masked. He said nothing as you stepped out of the bath and moved forward with the towel, you were taller than him in your bare feet and smiled to yourself as he slowly wrapped the towel around you, then gently he started to towel you off, the towel so soft on your silky skin. He seemed to take an age when he was drying yr buttocks, you clenched them tight as he dried. A bum man you thought and leaned a little forward being cheeky and he playfully patted yr bum with the towel. When you were dry he nodded towards the bedroom and handed you a silk dressing gown. You felt his eyes lust after your body but he did nothing.

As you walked into the bedroom the candles flickered and danced around the room, the bed looked huge and a large bouquet of red roses lay on the bed, you ran over and smelt them and saw a card. On the card was wrote " looking forward to a long hard night, check under the bed X " the card smelt strongly of aftershave. so you reached beneath the bed to find a box, it was wrapped and you quickly opened it. There was inside the sexiest set of lingerie you have ever seen, it looked expensive as you slowly pulled it from the box, the red and black basque and lacy red thong seemed designed for you. You forgot about the other man in the room and slipped in the thong and the top, then you found some black hold ups in the box, sitting down on the bed you tormented the man by slowly placing each stocking on, pulling them up inch by inch up your long sexy legs. Then you spotted some black high heels, you were over 6foot in them, towering over the little man, you approached a full length mirror and were impressed as you eyed yourself up and down. Then spying a dressing table you sat down and slowly brushed your beautiful hair and applied your make up. Then a large bell rang out and a shout of everyone to the reception room. The little man who had said nothing beckoned you forward towards him, then handed you a face mask, he then leaned forward and said "enjoy yr evening sexy lady" kissed your cheek and was out the door.

You could hear noise outside and followed quickly as you saw men in long black cloaks and women in amazing lingerie disappear into the reception, your juices were aroused it was now playtime. You were the last in the room and everyone turned around to see you slink into the room, anyone who knew you could not but identify your tall slender sexy body. Everyone was in masks as a waiter dressed only in a little thong offered you a drink. As you sipped some white wine, another man came around the room and handed each person an envelope. Inside were the party instructions, it was to be a silent party and all you had to do if you wanted to enjoy someones company was to kiss them on the cheek and see if they followed, also no one was allowed to remove their mask at any time and with that he walked out. The waiter left too so it was just a room of 10/11 people. 6 women and 5 men. You scanned the crowd and it seemed a mixed crowd of young and old, tall and short, slender and curvy. You scanned the crowd looking for your first conquest. As you hummed and hawed a woman to your left approached a man and kissed his cheek and before he could move any further, she has slipped to her knees and slowly took his large manhood in her mouth, expertly she moved up and down, a slight groan escaped his mouth as she flicked the head of his cock. you enjoyed watching but wanted fun of your own. So to your left leaned a man on a bookcase. He didn't have the greatest physique but you could mistake the huge bulge in the pants and smiled. You went over and kissed his cheek and he nodded. Then he took his lips and locked them with yours, he kissed you deeply and passionately. Then he opened the door and led you towards another room, the fire crackled in the corner as you walked the heat of the fire carried across the room, before you knew he had you dragged towards the large billiards table. You knew what was coming and were eager for it, he bend you over the table, yr hands outstretched as he kissed your neck, his hands all over body, your nipples erect in the basque, wanting to be free and then you felt his hand on yr ass and he deftly pulled your thong to one side. You felt the head of his throbbing cock teasing the wetness of your pussy lips, he rubbed outside for what seemed an age, as you backed yr ass into him hoping he would soon stop tormenting you and ram his hard throbbing cock inside you. Then you felt a strong arm push your head and with a shove, you felt every inch of his 8 inches slide inside your wet juicy pussy, a moan escaped your lips as you finally received some hard cock. Your pussy gripped him tight, you felt his balls off your ass as he started to increase the pace, his hands wandering and pinching your nipples. Then as he fucked you harder, he moved his finger around and expertly played with your throbbing clit. moans filled the air as he fucked you deep, pounding you harder and harder, you could feel your thighs getting soaked as more and more juice escaped, then you felt him his hands on yr hips, he must be close as you started to back in to meet his thrusts, both of you in a rhythm. You were close to cuming as well and then with a groan you could feel his body start to shake and yours as he started to ejaculate thick creamy cum deep inside you, your body shook as an orgasm swept over you. He collapsed on the table beside you looking exhausted you wanted it more the night was only starting............

as you turned around and lay down on the table recovering still in an orgasmic state, you felt someone climb on top of you and straight away knew the slight figure could not be a man, then as you opened your eyes, a curly flame haired woman was smiling at you. she kissed yr cheek and before u knew what was happening she was kissing you but then she moved down your body slowly, teasing you as yr tongue flicked at your cleavage, you felt her hand move between your legs and moaned softly as she slipped her hand inside your soaking thong as the thick cream cum oozed out along with your juices. she moved down further and soon she was standing on the ground,she eased up your hips and slowly removed your wet thong, sniffing them she smiled and brought them close to your face and you smelt a slight perfume smell but then all you saw was a red head disappear between your legs. you felt a tongue teasing you running up and down each side of yr pussy lips. you hips moved as she spread the lips wide and placed her tongue on your clit, flicking at it tormenting it. it felt so good as she licked the cum from your pussy. her speed increased and you bucked yr hips and pushing yr head deeper, forcing her tongue inside you. wanting to cum in her mouth, yr pussy soaking as she slipped 2 fingers to penetrate you as she licked, it felt so good as she expertly found your g-spot and massaged it.

As you were being licked the first male was recovering and you could see his hard shiny cock in the candlelight as he brought it closer to your head without hesitation you eagerly took it your mouth, you could taste your juices off it and you slowly ran yr tongue around the head of his cock, it throbbed in your mouth as sucked him, your hand cupping his balls and squeezing them. It was soon close to cuming and soon your mouth felt hot creamy cum on the back of your throat and how good it felt, you swallowed as much as your could as he withdrew he leaned forward to kiss your lips and taste his cum from your mouth. You could barely kiss as huge orgasm hit you from the red head manipulating your pussy, your body shaking wildly as you came. It felt so wrong yet oh so good.

You lay there wondering was it all a dream but quickly composed yourself when you realised that the other two had slipped of the room again. you stood up legs slightly shaky but feeling all tingly and realised the red head had stolen your thong, you laughed as you walked out in the main hallway again, where you saw two men taking turns on the red head who screamed in ecstasy.

As you headed towards the door for fresh air, you saw a muscular figure come over with 2 glasses and smile at you. It instantly hit you that you recognised him but where......................as you racked your brain sipping on the refreshing white wine. as you saw the dimple in on his chin you remembered he was sexy man you had collected from the side of the road. hmmmm now you would have some fun and he would pay you back multiple times for the lift. You kissed him and remembered what a good kisser he was and could see his excitement grow as you bite gently on his lips. Then you lead him to a study room and made him sit down in a large leather chair.....he sat watching as you slowly kicked your heels off, you were going to enjoy this moment teasing him. You came closer to him and gently rubbed your tight sexy ass off his pants, he went to touch and you slapped his hand away. you moved again and faced him and spread his legs a little wide and then place your foot on the chair and used the sole of your foot to torture him a little. you felt his eyes piece your soul as you slowly the stocking off your leg and switched legs and repeated the process, then you brought your cleavage right up to his face and rubbed them into his face. thru the mask the smile was wide as he tried to lick u a little you pulled back. slowly you removed yourself from the basque, your body was now naked against the night, he gasped as your beautiful breasts were released he leaned forward and grabbed you close to him, he could take no more. Quickly he pulled his pants down and the precum glistened, you climbed aboard his cock and eased yourself up and down the shaft, it felt so good as gently milked his cock, he leaned in and started to suck your nipples rolling his tongue around them, he bite down a little too hard but you liked it. all the time you increased the pace, your felt his fingernails dig into yr ass cheeks as you fucked him, he was enjoying this before he could cum. you climbed off and you could see disappointment in his eyes but as you turned your back on him, you manoeuvred yourself so that his cock was close to your ass and he didn't need a second invitation as he plunged his hard erect cock into yr ass, as you bounced on his cock, you had both hands on his strong thighs and then you felt a finger come around to play with your clit, his fingering was slightly rough but his cock felt so good in yr ass. soon he was grunting and groaning and could take no more, he stopped pushed you to the ground on all fours and starting pumping his cock into yr ass, his hands gripping your hips as he fucked deep and hard, you felt the odd slap on the ass not hard but enough to sting a little, you could take no word and slowly squirted as you fingered yourself covering his balls and legs and then with a roar he finally came deep inside yr ass, as u fell in a sweaty heap, you had not noticed people had come into the room and you had been putting on a show for everyone... as you looked up and smiled all you could see was happy faces who all wanted some of the Avalon magic.