Written by TITAN79

29 Jun 2009

Pat struggled to wipe the sleep from his eys, the sun peeping in the holes of his huts door, the stench of Turf smoke and the acrid taste in his mouth from the night befores festivities broguht back vivid memories of the debauchery that ensued a simple stroll to the manor house to get an advance on his measely wage from the lord of the manor.

1570's Ireland was a tough spot to get yer jollies in you'd Imagine, But Pat Knew that despite his scruffy appearance the young English maidens in the manor house loved a bit of paddy rough. Many the peticoat he had flipped up and ravaged the comely wenches in the barn and out houses of the lords estate, but last Nights encounter was a bit special, last night the good lady of the house had crossed his path andas he reminced a wry grin crossed his smug crooked toothed face.

Been out in the woods doing some repairs to the fences Pat decided to call it a day, twas nearing sundown and soon the wild animals would be roaming the woods and not having a horse meant he best hasten to the village for fear of any trouble, Nearing the Large gates of the manor house the clip clop of hooves approcahed from the drive and the Lady and her maid passed by him on theyre way back from town with a look of derision the lady nodded at him, the maid in turn faced eyes to the road for fear of meeting with the wiley woodmans devilish grin.

Pat had Noticed the lady of the house was a fine specimen , slim lith like a cat, a body of perfect measure, not like the plump common girls from his own stock he regularly plundered for his pleasure. No this was a well bred lady, english stock, well schooled, bred to breed more masters for pats Kind, as he watched her flowing petticoat lol around the horses flanks as she jaunted up the drive his pants stirred.

Later that Night after the rabbled had realised they had homes to go to , Pat was walking back to his Hut when he thought he heard a noise from the bushed and the snort of a horse, stopping in the still night air he listened and thought for a moment he seen a white shape in the darkness, moving towards him, Good christ the Banshee he thought, sure no, stepping back as the form got closer he heard the faint whisper 'Woods man is that you?' Recognising it as the Landlords wife he reply 'aye tis, what has you out here at this ungodly hour M'Lady? Dont you realise a lady could find her self in all sorts of troubles at this hour between local ruffians and the wild animals?' She moved closer and stepping close to him replied 'Maybe but I am sure you will look after me, as your duty as employee of my husband my care would be of utmost importance to you would it not?' Grinning slyly Pat Grabbed her behing her head her sudden shreik making his cock jump, Kissing her deeply He Pulled her close and groping her buttocks roughly through the material of her shift he pawwed her like meat, he knew these refined girls loved to be manhandled in a way theyre nancy boy peers were afraid to, Holding her to him he made sure she could feel his hard bulge through his dirty clothing. 'Let go of me you bastard' she pulled away but he was too strong for her, 'Be quiet darling you know you want it' She muttered under her breath 'not here you barbarian, god knows who will see us, let us go to your shack....and get this over with quickly' This tryst was nothing new, Pat Had been servicing the lady of the house regularly for the last few weeks but the secrecy of theyre liasosn was essential to its sucess, though tonight Pat had other things in mind.

As the unlikely pair made theyre way through the woods, Pat grabbed the Lady of the house from behind pushing her against the nearest tree he gagged her mouth with his palm and roughly Kissed her Neck, 'what are you doing you bastard, not here!!' Holding her fast tothe tree as He unwound the sack rope from His satchell he started to bind her wrists to the overhanging Branch above them, pulling his lunch apple from his bag he Placed it in her mouth, stuffing her face like a suckling pig.

When he had her finally tied fast to the trees creaking bow, he walked around the helpless form before him, 'Now wench, I've so wanted to call you that, you know deep down all women are no more than wenches, husseys, sluts Whores, you all have the same deep down desires to be taken' Her eyes written with panic she never took them off him, his slow movement around her position, making her more petrified than she already was.'I see you treat my kind with distain, yet I'm within easy reach when you want to fulfill a little whim from time to time, well tonight m'lady...your mine to play with, mine to toy with' as he walked behind her she felt the sudden cold and the tearing noise as her shift was ripped clean from her back, The sudden lack of structure in the garment meaning the front fell down, revealing her pale milky breasts, the contrast in her captors tanned skin from hardeneing days in the sun, whilst her pale body revealing the truth of her sheltered existence in the manor house. Her muffled response barely audible through the pisec of fruit gagging her, as he stood before her a tear welled in her right eye, yet her pupils dialation showed that this was not all that it seemed.'You see wench I think if I was yo reach for your gusset now it would tell me a different tale to what your mock

display of distain is'.

Looking around the surrounding, he left her for a moment and strode towards the base of the large ash tree that his quarry was tethered to, picking up a slim young twig, he swooshed it in the air, the unmistakeable hiss of it cutting the air made his slaves nipples pull hard and tense against her breast, the speed of the reaction almost painful. As he returned he could see her limp form hanging from the tree, her arms helpless above her. The first thing she felt was the faint kiss of the twigs tip on the small of her back, just above her firm buttocks, two perfect white globes of the smoothest alabaster, the sudden touch making her tense up as she felt the slow tracing of the twig aropund her lower back, then down the backs of her legs, the fear coursed through her body, how on earth was she going to get out of this predicament? beneath the fear though her body was betraying her, the wetness that had pooled in her pussy from the moment he grabbed her from behind was making two glistening trails down her thighs, her furry bush matted with her arrousal, she knew she should be screaming her lungs out by now but her deep seeded desire was firmly in charge, she was waiting for the smash of her captors twig on her back, or maybe her body, her mind was in turmoil, desiring the smart smack of the wood on her ass, but also dreading the marks that would give away her carrying on to her husband. Before she had time to dwell on this too much she felt the sudden cupping of her sopping cunt by her captors gnarled hand 'Just as I expected, your Loving this arent you? all you prim and proper types are the same, you need to be controlled, taken in hand if you must,as she squirmed from his touch his fingers roughly entered her and as she felt him maniplulate her tight wet hole her body once more betrayed her as she bucked her hips back towards him, trying to force the woodmans fingers further in, she needed release and right now the thick work harden ed finger of her captor would be as good as any cock.

'Thats it you Bitch, ride my hand, get them fingers inside you' the utter filth leaving his lips shocked her but also turned her on even more at this stage her deep breathing could be clearly heard through her nostrils, flared like a wild animal due to the restriction of her mouth, she didnt care though, this regression to her basest instincts was so liberating, her skin was on fire, her body despite the cool night air was aflush from the sensations of the woodmans hands savagely fucking her wet hairy cunt. as he fingered her from behing His palm had the action of also spreading her ass cheeks, the palm of his hand pushing against her sensitive niether hole, the nerve endings alight from her masters minstrations. In the pale moonlight of the night the scene unfolded, the lithe form of the lady of the manors naked figure humping against the hand of the burley peasant standing behind her.

As He worked her wet hole and ass, the woodmans arousal went beyong bareable, and with his free hand he fished his swelling cock from his trousers, slapping it on her ass cheeks it hardened instantly, filling to bursting point in seconds, the soft skin of her ass felt good against the exposed head of his cock, the moans coming from his prisoner making it even harder so, as she neared Orgasm, he worked her pussy One last time, the juices slopping and smackin as she almost reached her pinaccle, the extreme of her climax, with a quick motion he removed his hand, and slid the thick shaft into her receptive hole withouth warning, her body comming instantly from the sudden invasion of his long thick cock, standing on tippy toes she screamede through the apple in her mouth as her body gave up its resistance and she came violently, her pussy clenching and milking the invasive cock, making the woodsman groan with desire as he felt her cunt ripple along his shaft, as her orgasm subsided, he growled' Oh No you fucking dont bitch' and started to fuck her with urgency, her depleted orgasm starting to rise again as her vision blurred and her breathing grew even more shallow as her second orgasm began to overtake her first and she almost passed out as the animal behind her fucked her like a rag doll, reaching for her nippled, the circuit between her clit and breasts was completed and she screamed through her gag as her captor moaned and unloaded his thick creamy load into her fertile womb, the sensation of his cum triggering after shocks in her gaping cunt as he slowed his actions,the hands on her breasts dropping from her chest, panting into her ear, his hot breath like fire on her skin as he started to laugh and pulled himself from her and tucked himself away.

'I reckon the herds men should be by this way at dawn, they may cut you down, but then again they might just fuck you where you are and leave you for a weary traveler to rescue you ha ha'.

as she realised her captor was serious she heard his footsteps on the forrest brash get less audible, as the realisation she was now alone set in.