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1 Oct 2008

Whenever I think of Heidi it brings back many pleasant memories and impressions. Somewhere near the forefront of those impressions is the feeling that she was a woman who had few inhibitions '“ a woman who loved sex and for whom sex was the most natural thing in the world. I'll tell of a couple of our times together, although I'm not sure that my retelling will be able to really convey the sensuality and confidence she exuded.

I went to Bavaria for the placement year of my degree course, arriving in the middle of August, which was a few weeks before I actually needed to be there. The apartment where I was to stay for most of the year wasn't available until the University there reopened, so I stayed nearby in a fairly basic alternative that belonged to a baker's shop. Heidi had been working for the baker all summer to help fund her studies which she was doing in Berlin, and she had a similar apartment two doors across the landing from mine. Heidi was very beautiful '“ tall, athletic, blond, nicely-tanned, and she had a smile that probably had won a lot of admirers before me. I met her on my second evening there, just as I was about to go out for an evening stroll along the river. We stood on the landing in front of the apartments and talked late into the night about everything under the sun. My walk that evening was happily abandoned, but she volunteered to show me lots of places in the area, in the remaining two weeks before she finished at the baker's and headed up the country to resume her studies in Berlin. At about ten years her senior I was quite flattered by the possibility of enjoying so much of her company.

In those couple of weeks there were lots of good times but, although there were many hugs and kisses, but we actually didn't have any sex; that came during her later visits back to Bavaria. The only real intimacy came on the second last evening before she departed.

I had bought a Telegraph that day and, since it cost a lot more in Germany than it did back home, I was spending the evening reading on through the pages I'd normally skim over. The weather had been sweltering that day so, even though it was now around seven in the evening, I was sitting at the table just wearing a pair of Bermudas. There was a single tap on the door and Heidi walked in looking as wonderful as ever. I cast the paper aside, got up to welcome her with the usual hug and kiss and then I motioned her to have a seat. I sat down again myself but Heidi remained standing a couple of yards from the doorway and, although we chatted, our exchanges of conversation left me feeling that her thoughts were really elsewhere. I didn't remain puzzled for long, however. After a few minutes Heidi stated in a very matter-of-fact way, "Rob, I want to pleasure myself '¦ of course I could do it in my own room '¦ but I want to do it lying in your arms '¦ and I want you to undress me first." I could hardly believe my ears '“ or my luck.

I crossed the room to Heidi and took her in my arms. We kissed passionately for some minutes and then, with one hand, I reached round and found the tails which bound the wraparound dress she was wearing. I pulled and the bow loosened. Letting her dress fall open I slid an arm inside and around her waist. Her warmth was intoxicating and she kissed like she was burning with desire. I began to ease her dress off, momentarily holding it at her elbows and pining her arms to her sides as I kissed her neck and then the top of her breasts. Heidi was already breathing in long deep breaths and uttering an occasional sigh. I removed her dress and, with a gentle flick, draped it over the back of the chair beside us. Heidi stood there in my arms, her tan striking an exquisite contrast to her white lace bra and panties. As we kissed again I dropped my Bermudas and boxers and stood naked before her, my hard shaft rubbing against her thigh and leaving her in no doubt as to how much I was enjoying this too. I unhooked her bra and pulled it gently forward and away from her, letting it fall to the ground. She pressed her breasts into me and then clasped my head in her hands and guided me down to kiss them. Her firm breasts, with their erect nipples and large areolas, were a feast to the eyes and to my hungry lips and tongue and I kissed them with a passion that equalled Heidi's. Inserting a couple of fingers inside the waistband of her panties I eased them off her bum and let them fall to the ground too, and then, kneeling before her, I placed a hand on each of her buttocks, pressing her beautiful, shaved pussy towards me. Heidi spread her legs and I kissed the top of her thighs and let my tongue flick once or twice over her wet pussy. Her beautiful body before me, and the aroma of her wetness, and her sighs, together almost had the effect of casting a captivating spell over me.

I caught a corner of the throw that covered the couch and hazily tossed it to the floor beside the wall. Holding Heidi's hand I half rolled back to the wall, sat with my back propped against it and drew Heidi down beside me. She sat down between my spread legs, her back resting against my chest, and spread her legs wide. I placed my arm around her and my hand on her breast while I gently nibbled her ear and kissed her neck. Her hand strayed down to her inner thighs and, after trailing her fingers across them a few times she slowly began to rub her clit. A few moments later she slid her middle finger into her pussy and started thrusting it into her lovehole with increasing urgency. The rhythmic sound of Heidi's finger darting in and out of her very wet pussy and her sighs and gasps were a pure delight to hear and I was so aroused myself that there was now a long trail of pre-cum across her lower back. Sensing that she was about to come I squeezed her breast more firmly and kissed her neck and shoulder with a chain of wet kisses. With a long sigh of "Oooooh, Rob!" she came. Her legs shuddered and her pelvis thrust forward and back several times, as her juiced flowed and flowed until she was drained of all emotion and energy. Deeply satisfied, she lay back further into my arms and we kissed again, all the while feeling that we had just lived out a dream. We lay there in silence for a long time, sensing that there was nothing that needed to be said.

I have had fuller sex with Heidi and with other women since then, but have rarely enjoyed sharing in moments of such intensity as I did that day when Heidi pleasured herself in my arms in that little apartment in Bavaria.

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