Written by jcsmar1965

28 Dec 2012

A story that someone wanted me to write

Well lets see then I want you to be in a long black elegant dress with a v cut that goes all the way to just above your navel and wide enough on the top that it shows at least half the amount of your large breasts. The dress has a slit at the back that comes to about two inches below your bum and you will wear your thigh high stockings. When you walk one can get a glimpse of your stockings. You are not wearing any bra or panties as to not show any lines through your dress.

We get into a crowded lift (or Bar or night club) and move right to the back of the lift I let my hand slide over your buttocks and you let out a small shiver, my hand slides down to were your ass meets your thigh and rests there briefly. I move my hand from your thigh slowly towards you’re the slit in your dress and as my fingers first touch your naked skin just above the stockings you take a deep breath you shift towards me, you want to feel more of my hand on your soft skin whilst shifting you move one leg leaving the other behind causing your highs to part and with this movement my whole hand is now resting on the back of your thigh I move my thumb to touch you where your buttocks meet your thigh and start sliding my hand inwards towards your inner thigh, my hand moves effortlessly as there are no restrictions. My hand is now on your inner thigh and I can feel the heat generating form your pussy I move my thumb up towards the heat and touch your pussy with the back of my thumb you take another deep breath by now your nipples are getting hard and are visible thorough your dress. I slide my thumb along the full length of your slit and within seconds your pussy starts to release its sweet nectar and lubricating my thumb as it now is sliding along your pussy slit effortlessly.

I apply more pressure and both your lips part simultaneously one letting out a low moan and the other more pussy juice. You move even closer our bodies now touching, your nipples are now fully erect and you are starting to breath harder, and with that move your legs part even wider. Your pussy is wide open for me now and silky wet your lips are swollen and your clit is hard and protruding out of its hiding place desperate for attention. I move my thumb to your hot and wet opening and slowly slide the tip of my thumb into your body, you move again this time trying to get my thumb in deeper I anticipate your intension and slide my hand down and away from your pussy, I want to tease you and keep you on the edge for as long as possible. You turn your head towards me with lust filled eyes and you mime “Please” I mime back “not yet” again you plead “please I will do any thing” your eyes filled with lust and desperation I tell you to keep looking at me. My hand moves up again towards you dripping wet pussy open ready and waiting. My thumb slides effortlessly into your pussy this time not stopping all the way till my fore finger is resting against your clit, your mouth parts to let out a moan your eyes close for about two seconds. I whisper into your ear and tell you that if you want to cum you are going have to be very quite and to tell me when you are close.

I move my thumb until I find your G-spot and start to rub it applying more and more pressure all the time with my fore finger rubbing up against your clit. You are close very close I can feel your pussy leaking large amounts of juice my hand is getting really wet now with this knowledge I apply more pressure to your G-spot, you turn towards me your face contorted your eyes open wide you bite your bottom lip to stop you from screaming.

With every movement of my thumb your pussy starts to squirt your cum into my palm I cup your pussy and with my thumb acting as a cork to keep all your cum inside you I don’t stop and continue to move my thumb inside of you. You rest your arm on my shoulder and hold on because you feel that you are about to collapse your knees are week. You rest your head into my neck and you whisper with some urgency “please stop or I will scream I can’t take any more PLEEEEASE!!”

I tell you to close your legs tightly together as I am going to remove my hand and that you need to hold you’re juicy cum inside you and to use your pussy muscles to keep it there as well, know very well that by you squeezing your pussy muscles will cause you to have mini orgasms. We are the last one out of the lift we missed our stop three times going up and down eventually we are alone and I tell you that I want to drink from your pussy so I tell you to squeeze hard and open your legs and pull your dress up I turn you around so that your hands are up against the wall and lift one of your legs so that I can cup you pussy with my mouth and when you feel my tongue forcing its way into your pussy you release a flood of juice into my mouth I have to swallow there is to much to keep in my mouth but I manage to keep some and I get up turn you around and kiss you our tongue entwine and we both together savour your nectar.

You look down and see my cock straining against my pants and there is a wet spot from all my pre-cum………

Part 2 Domination

You lick your lips imagining my cock sliding down your throat and the taste of my pre-cum for the first time and this sends a tingling sensation through your pussy which still is throbbing from your orgasm.

We get out of the lift and head towards the room, when we reach the door I turn you towards me and kiss you hard and long our tongues dancing with each other. I let my hand slide down onto one of your large breasts and my hand slides into your dress and I remove your beautiful large breast from the confined of your dress and give your erect nipple a tight squeeze and you moan into my mouth I do this with the other breast. I move away from you and break our kiss you open your eyes ever so slowly knowing full well that your large breasts are out for anyone to see. I bend my head down and stick my tongue out and slowly lick your left nipple I lick all around your nipple then insert the whole nipple into my mouth and lightly nibble on your nipple I then move onto your other nipple and do the same to it.

I move up and tell you that I want you to make sure your nipples are always hard and erect or else I will be forced to spank you move your hands up slowly towards your nipples and whisper maybe “I want to be spanked” I look at you with a stern look and you know I am serious that I will spank you and hard to. You decide to play with your nipples and keep them erect. I insert the key into the door slowly taking my time hoping for somebody to walk by.

We walk into the room your hands still on your breasts keeping your nipples hard in the room there is a large double bed and an arm chair and a small table with fruit on a plate and you notice two bananas and strawberries. I had ordered it be for we got to the room. Your mind wanders whilst looking at the fruit that you don’t notice me sit down in the arm chair. You see me sitting in the chair and I motion for you to come to me, you are now standing in front of me not knowing what to expect next. I place my hands on your hips and turn you around with your back towards me “open your legs and move back towards me” I say.

And you do it until the back of your legs come into contact with the chair and you can’t move back any more. I tell you to use both your hands and slide your dress up to your waist and I tell you to move slowly I want to see your legs being exposed to me in slow motion until you expose your ass to me. You take your hands off your nipples knowing full well that your nipples will loose there erect state and you fear a slap on your ass cheek, but you do it anyway because deep down you want to feel my hand slapping your ass. You stand above me your legs on either side of mine and you let your hands slide down your body until you reach the hem and you slowly move your dress up exposing you legs inch by inch to me until you reach your waist.

I tell you to bend down at the waist and arch your back so that your ass is inches away from my face. I tell you to pull your ass cheeks apart so that I can have full access to both your holes, as you do this your pussy lips open slowly they are swollen and now I can see the wetness of your pussy your insides glistening with your cum. I lean forward and you feel my hot breath on you pussy lips, I blow lightly onto you pussy and ever so slowly stick my tongue out and lightly touch your clit

“OHHHH FUCK” you moan.

I apply more pressure with my tongue on your clit “MMMMMMMM YES” you moan.

My nose is almost inside your pussy, I lick your clit harder and faster with my tongue and you juice starts to run down me chin. I then slide my hand towards your breasts to feel if your nipples are still erect and you panic with this your nipples go soft I lean back and tell you not to move your hands or move a muscle my right hand comes crashing down on your ass. “AHHHHH OH….OH…OH… FUCK” you yelp out.

Your ass is burning and I blow on the spot of your ass where my hand print is to cool you down. I move my face back towards your ass this time instead of licking your pussy I lick your asshole “OHH… YES BABY THAT FEEL GOOD” you say out loud.

I then proceed to lick your asshole harder until the tip of my tongue starts to penetrate your asshole you relax your ass so that my tongue can probe deeper. At this point I withdraw “OHH FUCK NOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE DON’T STOP….” You complain.

I tell you that while I am licking your asshole I want you to play with your pussy and rub your clit with one hand but keep spreading with the other and I use my left hand to spread your abandoned ass cheek. You start to rub your clit fast you want release and I tell you to slow down and to tell me when you are close to Cumming. I continue to lubricate your asshole with my tongue and you relax again I sense this and insert my tongue into your asshole “OHHHHHHHHHHHH…FUCK YES THAT’S IT OHHHH YES” you moan again. My right hand moves towards your pussy and I insert two fingers into your juice wet hot pussy and start to finger fuck you, I alternate with all my fingers and my hand is now soaking wet all the time tongue fucking your asshole. Suddenly “OHHH SHIT OHHH SHIT I’M …….AHHHH FUCK I ‘M CLOSE TO CUMMING VERY CLOSE” you yell out in desperation I pull out of your asshole and tell you to cum and at that moment I have two fingers in your pussy fucking you hard and fast I slide my two smaller fingers into your well lubricated asshole.

“OHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE NOT THERE” as my whole hand is fucking you two fingers in your ass and two in your pussy I pay no attention to your cries, you start to buck your ass as if to get me in as deep as possible, the pleasure quickly overcomes you not wanting my fingers in your asshole and you cry out “FUCK ME HARDER I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING”

And at that moment your pussy explodes and I feel this wetness on my pants you are squirting your juice and it is flowing freely from your flower. You collapse on me your legs can’t hold you up any more.

Part3 you suck my cock

You collapse at my feet and slowly turn around towards me and start to remove my clothing. Smiling to yourself at my closed eyes, you rub your cheek softly against my chest, curling yourself closer around my warm body. When that yields no response, you flick your tongue gently out and run it over my nipple, scratching you nails delicately across my waist.

I chuckle softly and my eyes open halfway, smiling down at you, I whisper, “I think my girl wants something.”

Blushing lightly, you widen your eyes a little and grin. My chuckle deepens and you feel my hand smoothing lightly over your hair. Mmmmmmming to yourself at the feel of my hand, you let your eyes wander slowly down…over the smooth muscles of my chest…over my stomach and the adorable…and down to my---

Feeling my fingers tugging your hair gently, you raise your eyes and blush at the look in mine. With a smile in my voice, I murmur, “You may play, little one, but first, a kiss.”

You beam at me and lean up gently, brushing your nose lightly against mine and smiling into my eyes. Tracing little lines over my jaw with a fingertip, you kiss me softly, moving your mouth slowly over mine, feeling my warmth. Licking lightly at my bottom lip, you bite at it gently, soft nibbles with your teeth, before sliding your tongue to brush and tease my own. Smiling against my mouth, you slip your hand from my jaw, running it down slowly over my side, caressing my skin. Pressing a chaste kiss to my mouth, you giggle softly as you relax onto the floor.

Kissing along the curve of my jaw, you lick at my neck, sliding your warm tongue back and forth. Nipping gently at the soft skin, you smile to yourself, knowing how much I love feeling teeth against my neck. Sliding your mouth slowly up to my ear, you take the lobe gently into your mouth, sucking and pulling softly at it. You trail the tip of your tongue slowly over the curve of my ear and giggle softly at the shivers that course through my body.

Raking nails softly over my side, you begin to whisper in my ear. Soft words breathed against my skin.

“ excite you, knowing how much I want it…”

“Knowing there is nothing I desire more right now that to feel my lips…my tongue… on your cock…”

You feel my hips moving reflexively, and you kiss my neck, slow, warm, moist kisses at the bend.

“ make your heart race…your cock thicken…anticipating the feel of my mouth wrapped around you…sliding down…down…down…”

Biting softly at the base of my neck with each ‘down’.

“Can you almost feel my throat, …muscles tight around you…feeling them clenching and relaxing…again and again…just like my wet cunt,…”

“ make you want to fuck my throat,…your hand held around my neck, pressing”

“Now, pet. No more playing.” I say to you.

You smile up at me and slide down, kissing my hip and settling between my thighs. Tilting you head, you blow warm air across the head and then lean in, tracing the tip of your tongue so lightly over the head. You flatten your tongue and slide it over the ridge, feeling the tremble that runs through me. Swirling your tongue in a slow circle around the head, you caress my balls softly with one hand, teasing and touching them gently before curling your fingers around the shaft.

Feeling my cock throbbing in your hand, you wrap your lips around the head and suck it softly into your mouth. You hollow your cheeks and watch my eyes, slowly increasing the pressure. Lightly grazing your teeth against the sensitive underside, you smile to yourself as you feel my fingers sliding into your hair.

Sliding your mouth slowly further down, you moan softly and close your eyes at the taste of me. Feeling the throbbing increase, you suck harder, eyes locked on mine, intent on my pleasure. You’re sucking mouth wrapped around my cock, wet tongue sliding underneath, nails raking over my hips.

My hips press up hard against your mouth, and you tilt your head, swallowing me down. Feeling my cock sliding into your throat, I spasm, cock pulsing, filling your throat with hot cum. Breathing hard, you swallow slowly, savoring the taste, showing me with your eyes how much you love this…need this.

You wink at me and slip your mouth gently off, licking lightly at the head and down the shaft, cleaning me slowly. Kissing the head softly, you smile up at me and whisper softly, “Thank you.”

Curling up between my legs, you press your head softly against my cock, rubbing your cheek gently back and forth. Closing your eyes, you listen to my breathing, feeling my hand softly in your hair. You lick your lips and smile contentedly, relishing the lingering taste of me in your mouth, before curling up closer against me.

Part 4 we shower together

I grab your hands and lead you to the bath room. In the bathroom I turned on the shower as you began to roll down your stockings and remove them you were now totally naked, I turned round and looked at you a smile forming on my face again, you could read my mind as I take you into my arms and lifted you up and down again into the shower. The water was warm and inviting, sending tingles down your spine as it rolled down your back and onto your buttocks, I stepped into the shower and wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you in close to me and with one step forward pressed you up against the tiled wall of the shower mmmmmm with my other hand I take your thigh and brought it higher, you wrapped your leg up around my waist and my hand slid to your ass as you lifted your other leg and my other hand cradled your ass cheek, wrapping your legs tight around my waist you can feel my hard cock so hot pressed against your stomach, I maneuvered you and repositioned myself and with a gasp you could feel me sliding deep into you ohhhhhh the feeling was so wonderful as I slid deep oh so deep inside of you.

Looking deep into my eyes you could see your reflection, the warm water running down our bodies, your ass hitting the wall behind you as i thrust deep inside of you, your hands trying frantically to find some thing to hold onto, ohhhh in the end you grab my back hold me and wrap yourself tightly around me as your body starts to shake and twitch, your body came to the point of no return and just as it tensed at the most intense part I exploded and with every thrust your body jolted with excitement the feeling was so intensified the feeling was one never felt before one of total fulfillment.

Lips met and the kiss was electric, slowly our bodies relaxed and you slide down my body to a standing position once more, you take the soap and started to wash yourself rubbing up over your breasts, down your stomach and in between your legs, while all the time I am kissing your neck and face. Next you washed my body, caressing it as you go, the smile on my face told it all, total satisfaction. Turning the water off we stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel each and dried our dripping bodies, then took the robes from the back of the door and placed them onto our clean bodies, that wicked grin still on my face, I take your hand and lead you back towards the bed, I sit you down on the end of the bed and looked at the mess of the floor lol we will need to tidy up this room before we leave I thought to my self as I threw you back onto the bed, your robe falling open exposing all.

I smile at you and lower myself to my knees, moving in closer to you, you sit back up to see what I are doing, ohhhhhh my hands run up your legs and my tongue is flicking at your clit, the feeling is so unbelievable, so so sensitive from before, every movement my tongue makes, leaves you moaning and groaning, as I slide it deep into you wet pussy, ohhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh my fingers now sliding in deep mmmmmmmmmm you skin tingling as together my tongue and fingers leave you totally at my mercy.

You let out an all time groan as you cum, holding on tightly to my shoulders, your nails digging in hard, your body shaking, my fingers pushing in harder and your muscles tighten around them and my tongue lapping at your juices as they flow, slowly I slide my fingers out of your so so wet pussy and continue to lap at you making you jolt every time I touch your clit ohhhhhh this is so sinful, mmmmmm so sinfully wonderful...............

My cock hard again from making you orgasm, now I am starting to feel that enough is enough and you deserve to get fucked hard now I long for your screaming orgasm and you see the lust in my eyes and you shiver your body tingling as you see my rampant hard cock as I turn you over on all fours you prepare yourself for the onslaught you are about to receive………………..

Part 5 we play some more with a twist.

…….. I turn you over on all fours you prepare yourself for the onslaught you are about to receive……….

I insert 2 fingers into your pussy from behind you are begging me to fuck you. I ask you what you want and you answer "FUCK ME PLEASE I WANT TO FEEL YOUR COCK IN MY CUNT PLEEASSSSS FUCK ME NOWW I WANT TO CUMMMMMMMMMMMM WITH YOUR COCK IN MEEEEEEEEEE"

I release you push you forward and pull you ass back so that I can see your dripping pussy open longing to be filled. I move forward slowly until the head of my cock is at the entrance of your pussy you can feel me there "COME ON FUCK ME NOW FUCK ME NOWWW" you cry out I ask you how do you want it. you say "I DONT CARE JUST FUCK ME NOWWWWWW"

So I take a good grip of your hips and with all the force I can muster pull you towards me and my ass moving with great speed my cock head splits your cunt open and with force my cock enters the depths of your pussy " ahhhhhh" you scream its not of pain but of pleasure.

I fuck you for a few minutes hard and fast my pelvis smacking against you ass and my ball slapping your clit with one hard lunge I push deep into you and stop and I ask you "IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT IS THAT HOW YOU WANT IT YOU SLUT"

I take a hand full of your hair and pull your head back and whisper in your ear "well what’s your answer"


Still holding on to your hair I continue to fuck you with brut force like I am raping you, your large breasts bouncing obscenely and your hard nipples dragging along the bed giving you extra stimulation.


"tell me when you are going to cum slut" I tell you

"yes I am close just don’t stop" you say


with that I insert my finger into your asshole and a big "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH FUCK" escapes your hot lips.

You start to shake and fuck back on my cock then you stop and I sense you falling you can’t stay up you need to lie down. I hold you up with my hard cock still inside your pulsing pussy the slightest movement sends electric shock to your clit as you come down from your orgasm.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door and a soft voice “Ann are you in here”

I look at you and you say to me that you told your friend to come look for you if you were not back in an hour.

She knocks again this time you say “hang on I am coming”

As you get up you look at me and I see an evil glint in your eyes, I respond by asking you “what you up to”

You throw one of the gowns at me to put on. I have to strap my hard cock against my belly with the belt from the gown or it would be poking out of the front.

You tell me that you are going into the bathroom and to let her in.

I open the door “hi I am John come in”

“Hi I am Jenny” she replied.

“Where is Ann” she asked “inside the bathroom” I answered.

“have a seat” I tell her, she sits on the edge of the bed and sniffs trying to savor the smells of sex in the room you come out completely naked and sit next to her. She is taken back by your nakedness.

I am standing in front of the two of you and you motion me to come closer.

My legs now touching your knees you grab one end of the belt that is holding my cock in place and pull hard to untie the knot.

My gown opens and my cock falls out poking through the folds of the gown.

Jenny raises both her hands to her mouth and giggles.

You take one of her hands and guide it to my cock she doesn’t resist. Her eyes are glued to my cock that she doesn’t ever relies what you are doing till her hand comes into contact with my cock. Sub-consciously she starts to stroke my cock.

You start to remove her clothing. Her being completely naked you place you place your hand on the back of her head and push her forward till her lips touch the head of my cock. You whisper in her ear “open your mouth and let that cock slide in” Jenny parts her lips and starts to lick the tip of my cock. You place your other hand on my ass and you tell her to open her mouth wider. As she does this you push her head and my ass forward simultaneously, you push so hard that she doesn’t have time to react and she gags on my cock as it hits the back of her throat.

You release her and tell her to continue sucking my cock as you move behind her you are staring to play with her breasts and pinching her nipples. Jenny moans as you do this I can feel the vibrations of her moan around my cock as she sucks me.

You ask her if she likes the taste of my cock “mmmmmm” is her answer “you like the taste of my cum on his cock “mmmmm”

“I want to taste your pussy” you say to her and tell her to move up on the bed.

Jenny spread her legs wide and looked dreamily at you, "lick me, please" Jenny moaned to you. I stroked my cock and you leaned in to give Jenny's pussy it's first ever licking from a woman. Jenny lay back and reached down to spread her pussy wide for you, you licked her clit and Jenny moaned loud, "oohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm that feels so gooooddddd" I walked over to where the action was. I reached under you and lifted your ass up it was poking out invitingly in front of me, I held my throbbing cock in one hand and slid my finger down your ass crack, you moaned loud as I went past your ass and slipped it straight into your wet pussy. You rock your hips slightly on my finger and continued licking Jenny's clit. You slipped first one, and then a second finger into Jenny's pussy. "OH GOD!!! I'm going to cum!!" Jenny hissed as she bucked wildly on your tongue and pussy fucking fingers. "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucckkkkkkkkkkkk" she moaned loud "holy shit!! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!" Jenny chanted as she started to lift her ass off the bed. You pulled your glistening fingers from Jenny's pussy and ran them up and down the inside of her thigh as you kiss the inside of her other thigh. Jenny lay there shuddering still, like she was still winding down from her shattering orgasm. "Oh god!! I never knew it would feel this good." Jenny sighed as you gently kiss and lick Jenny's nipples. "Never tasted pussy before?" You asked her. "No, never" Jenny said. "Want to try now?" You asked. "Mmmmmmmm yeah I think I do." Jenny replied in a nervously.

You climbed up on the bed, lay back and spread your legs wide, "Take your time babe." She said. "Ok," Jenny said. She knelt between your legs and tentatively leaned in towards your wet pussy to have her first taste of another woman's pussy. "Yeahhhhhh that's it, lick my clit babe!" You said seductively. Jenny started to lick your clit like she would liked to be licked. You closed your eyes and moaned loud "OH GOD that's good!! Yeah mmmmmmm" "Finger fuck me!" You begged. Jenny slipped two fingers straight into your pussy and began to steadily finger fuck you while she sucked your clit. It must have taken you about 2 minutes to cum "SHITTTTTTTTTTT I'm cumming!!!! Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" You yelled, you sure were noisy, but I like that in a woman. Jenny kept steadily fingering your pussy and was kissing the inside of your thighs. I knelt behind Jenny and gave her the same treatment I gave you a short while ago. I slipped my finger into her very wet pussy and fingered her while I stroked my cock slowly. Jenny looked back at me, "Fuck me John!! Please!" I didn't need to be asked twice. I got behind her and guided my throbbing meat into her pussy, it felt so hot and so wet. I began to slowly fuck her from behind as she kept fingering you. I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me as I pushed forward, making my cock slip into her harder. "Shit!! You are going to make me cum again!" she cried. "OH GOD YESSSSSS!" she yelled, "I'm cumming again!" she pushed back on my cock hard as she came a little harder than before, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my cock, when this woman cums, she really cums I thought to myself.

After what seemed like a solid two minutes of continuous orgasm Jenny pulled herself off my cock and pulled her wet fingers from your pussy and licked them clean in front of you. You just moaned and started to rub your clit. "Come sit on my face Jenny" Jenny seemed quite ready to oblige your request. "Hey big boy, get the toys from my hand bag for me please" You asked. "Sure." I said "not a problem". I slipped open your hand bag and grabbed two identical vibrators, pink in color about 6 and a half inches long, and handed one to each of them. You were under Jenny licking her greedily, the vibrator in one hand, spreading her pussy lips with the other. Jenny had placed her vibrator on the bed and was working on your clit like she couldn't get enough of it. Watching all this was almost too much, I wanted Jenny to enjoy this experience, it was after all set up for her benefit, and I figured I would take my chances as they come. You placed the vibrator at the entrance to Jenny's pussy and slowly pushed it in; Jenny moaned a little as it slipped easily into her tingling wet pussy. Once all the way in, you turned it on, "ohhhhhhhhh god that feels good!" Jenny exclaimed and started to rock her hips against the movement of the vibrator. "Turn yours on and rub my clit Jenny" You asked. Jenny did as she was asked and pretty soon you were both moaning and wriggling around, the room was filled with the smell of sex and the soft buzzing of two vibrators.

I was sitting on the in front of Jenny, watching her working away at your pussy with the vibrator and her tongue, although she had never done it before, she knew what to do and how to do it. Jenny lifted her head and looked at me "fuck me" she said, actually it more just mouthing the words, I didn't hear anything, but I sure knew what she said. I moved around behind her, "Remove that thing and let me insert the real thing." I said to you. You remove the still buzzing vibrator and turned it off and placed it on the bed beside yourself. If things went the way I wanted them to, she would be using it again real soon I thought to myself.

I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and just left it there for a few moments, "Stop teasing me and fuck me!" Jenny demanded, "I'm going to cum again!" she yelled. So I pushed it all the way in hard and fast, Jenny sighed loudly again and plunged her vibrator straight into your pussy, you seemed to melt at the sensation and pretty soon I was reaming Jenny's pussy with my cock and she was reaming you with the plastic cock.

Jenny lifted her head and screamed as she came again, I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. She had the vibrator in her closed fist and was jamming it into your pussy like she was trying to kill something, plunging it in hard and deep. Then without warning you came again, it was a loud shrill noise and you bucked hard against the savage thrusting from Jenny's vibrator "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!" you yelled.

I looked down at her nice little ass, and wondered if she had ever been ass fucked, I figured now was the best time to find out. I pulled out of her pussy, "Plug that hole with plastic," I told you, you quickly obliged. I slid my finger up and down the inside of her thighs that were covered in her pussy juice and placed my finger on her tight little ass and pushed, Jenny moaned and my lubricated finger slipped easily into her ass. She began that little hip rotation again and I figured that it was an automatic thing with her. I slipped another finger in, it was tight but Jenny didn't seem to mind much at all. I worked them in and out for a while and I could feel the vibration from the plastic cock that you had once again inserted into her hot wet pussy. Jenny had the wettest pussy I had ever seen and I got a mind picture of the vibrator short circuiting and flames shooting out her pussy, I laughed out loud at the thought, the girls must have thought I was a little crazy, but I couldn't help myself, mind pictures can be the funniest things at the most inappropriate times.

I removed my fingers from her throbbing little asshole, before she could say anything I got on my knees again and placed my still glistening cock against her ass, "I've never had it up the ass!" Jenny said. "Don't worry babe, you are about to." I informed her. I pushed harder, nothing, so I pushed harder still; I could feel her tense up. I pushed more she whined a little, and then I felt it slowly start to slip in; it was just around the head of my cock, I held that position for a few moments to allow her ass to get used to being stretched. Then, I pushed it all the way in and I felt her relax a little. I pulled back slowly and pushed it in slowly. Jenny moaned "oh god!!!! I didn't think this could feel so good!" she took the vibrator out of your pussy and placed it on your ass as well. "Go on baby, push it in!" You said huskily, I figured she was about to cum again. I could feel Jenny's body trembling, kind of like a rope that had been pulled too taught and was about to break, I thought the next time she came would be one hell of an orgasm.

"OH GOD baby!!!!!!, I'm gonna cum again!!" You yelled and started to buck and jump around under Jenny. Jenny was still working the vibrator in and out of your ass; you still had one shoved right up her pussy while I reamed her ass harder. You were rolling your head from side to side, muttering and chanting "oh god" over and over. I wondered if you had ever cum this hard before. Jenny turns her head as far as she could to look at me, "OH GOD John!! I'm going to cum so hard. Fuck my ass harder and deeper!!! DO IT!!" Jenny had given up on your ass and was now resting on her hands pushing back against me. You had regained enough composure to again start working the vibrator in and out of Jenny's twat from her vantage point right underneath her. Jenny was now grunting and making all kinds of strange noises, "FUCK ME HARDER!!!!" she screamed at You or me or at both, whoever it was aimed at, we both responded by increasing the tempo. I got a good grip on her hips and started to slam it in "AARRGGHHHHHHH" Jenny was about to go off and I wanted to make sure she came harder than she has ever cum before. Suddenly, Jenny screamed and pushed back so hard that she nearly knocked me backwards. She was bucking like crazy, I could feel her muscles spasming on my cock, her whole body was trembling and she was moaning so loud, it was driving me wild. I was slam fucking her ass, and she was still cumming, it seemed continuous, I had never seen a woman cum as hard or as often as her. "Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes" she was chanting with each thrust, you were keeping time with the vibrator. I felt my orgasm building and I began to thrust even harder, I was fucking her so hard I was nearly lifting her off the bed with each thrust, then, I yelled "AAHHH FUCK!!" and I fucked it deep and proceeded to shoot a what seemed endless load of my cum up her tight ass. With that, Jenny yelled as she came yet again! She then seemed to collapse on top of you, seems she passed out from what was a huge orgasm. Jenny rolled off you and lay on the bed beside you, "holy fuck! I never came like that before!" she said. "SHIT! she had to lay there for a while before she could even lift her head off the bed to give you one of the most erotic deep kisses that I have seem.

Lot of Love Your friend John