Written by jfw28

18 Sep 2008

Chapter 1: A Weekend Date

"Miss Stevens," the voice crackled over the desktop intercom, "can you stay back a little tonight, please?"

"Sure Mr. Turner."

"It will only be for an hour or two. I have some important work I need you take care of for me," the deep voice spoke and then it was gone.

Amanda Stevens looked at the clock - 4.30pm. "Better ring Kate," she thought to herself as her manicured fingers lightly dialed the number.

"Um Kate Smith please?"

"Kate speaking," purred the woman's voice on the other end.

"Katie, Amanda here. I have to work late. Do you want to wait for me or get a cab?"

"No I'll wait," said Kate, "I have to redo this creative anyway. What time you look like finishing?"

"Not sure. Mr. Turner has some important work for me take care of" said Amanda.

"I bet he has something for you take care of" sniggered Katie back down the phone line at Amanda.

"I doubt it," said Amanda in reply, "He knows about us."

"Yeah, well you know what they say about men and lesbians," laughed Katie, "pick me up when you finish and we can go for a drink."

"OK" replied Amanda putting the phone down. Amanda got up from her seat outside Mr. Turner's office and walked off to the ladies. The tall statuesque 24 year old redhead walked confidently down the office hall way. Her 5' 11" frame made most men look and stare and other woman admire her as she walked by and she made full use of this power.

She entered a cubicle, removing her black short cropped suit coat so as not to crease it. She unzipped her black miniskirt and placed it on the hook so as not to crease it either. She stood in the cubicle in just a sheer white blouse, black lace g-string, flesh coloured stay up stockings and high heels. She could feel herself getting wet between her thighs thinking about Kate as she sat on the toilet. When she had finished she wiped her cunt well and pulled her lace g-string up and adjusted it well at the back. She brushed her cunt as she slipped back into her miniskirt and an electric bolt of sexual energy went right through her. "God, I can't wait to get home tonight" she thought as finished dressing, washed her hands and returned to her desk.

The clock had ticked around to 5.30pm when Mr. Turner's voice cam over the intercom.

"Miss Stevens, can you come into my office please?"

Amanda roes from her desk, gathered her shorthand pad, smoothed her skirt and entered Mr. Turner's office after a short knock.

Steve Turner, was on the phone when Amanda entered and was looking out at the Brisbane skyline and he motioned for Amanda to be seated in the chair in front of him. Amanda had been Steve Turner's personal assistant for nearly 6 months now but, apart from one drunken pass at each other at the office Christmas party recently, she had not really become close to him. He maintained a cool exterior and guarded his private life - although that didn't stop him being nice to everyone in the office. Woman drooled when he walked by and even men admired him.

Steve Turner was in his late 30's, a workaholic but he also looked after himself. A bachelor through his own design he had handsome rugged features matched by a sharp intellect that was required in his form of business - InterNet start-up company consultancy. People paid him good money for him to tell them how to set up their InterNet business.

"OK Bill, I'll get to it this weekend. I have my assistant in my office with me now and I will brief her tonight" Steve said into the receiver whilst turning to drink in the view of Amanda. Amanda sat there looking back at Steve, her auburn hair in that top-knot bun it was always in, her make-up flawless and dressed in an efficient but sexy way.

"Bye for now. I'll talk to you on Tuesday Bill", replied to Steve to the other person on the phone before placing the receiver down.

Steve Turner sat down in his leather chair that was facing the Brisbane skyline and swiveled back to face Amanda. The scent of Tommy aftershave drifted across Amanda's nose as Steve Turner begun to speak.

"I have an important assignment for you if you are interested?" Steve Turner said looking at Amanda.

Amanda held his stare. "Always interested in new challenges, Mr. Turner," replied Amanda.

"Please, call me Steve, we are all friends around here."

"OK, Steve," swallowed Amanda, feeling Steve's eyes upon her open jacket top. Her breasts were enclosed in a white half cup bra that Kate had bought her from the No Regrets website and its lace, coupled with a strange aroused feeling she was getting, were conspiring to make her nipples erect. She hoped that Steve could not see this through the sheer fabric - but in a strange way she also hoped he could.

"That was Bill Stuart from Go Connect," said Steve, "Go Connect, as you may or may not know are.."

"....a free ISP set up through Mr. Stuart's parent company of Go Business Systems" stammered Amanda, not really knowing where her voice was coming from, "they recently launched in Australia with a campaign using alien like creatures in their advertising" she blushed as Steve was now staring at her.

"Well, well. I'm glad to see you are up with things. Looks like you have brains behind that pretty exterior", said Steve making Amanda go crimson and nipples stand even more erect.

"I'm sorry, but my friend Katie worked on the creative for it," stammered Amanda.

"Yes well you are correct. Mr. Stuart is now in need of a follow up campaign now that a number of other players have entered the market. He is keen to see what sort of campaign we can come up with but the only catch is he needs it by Tuesday and tonight is Friday."

"But all our marketing staff will probably be gone by now" said Amanda looking at her watch, "it's nearly six p.m. They will be down at Finn McCool's, the new Irish pub if you want me to chase some of them up for you."

"No, no I have better idea," said Steve with a strange twinkle in his eye. He rose from his chair and walked to a cabinet. He opened the door of the cabinet and pulled out a bottle of Vodka from the freezer, two glasses and some ice.

"Drink, Miss Steven's?" Steve asked cocking one eyebrow.

"Yes please, but only one. I have to pick up Katie from work...and please call me Amanda if I can call you Steve."

"OK then, Amanda. A straight Vodka it is." He poured two shots of Vodka into each tumbler and handed one to Amanda. Steve then sat on the edge of his desk facing Amanda.

"I have been reviewing your job performance lately and also your qualifications."

"Oh no," thought Amanda, "He's going to sack me!" She gulped at her drink.

"I am very very pleased with your performance. I have also noticed that you have been hiding a Bachelor of Business Degree from me - with a major in Marketing no less," said Steve noticing the alarmed look on Amanda's face.

"I know the marketing department is at the pub - I sent them there," chuckled Steve sipping his Vodka and feeling the taste of the liquid on the back of his throat. "I want you to assist me with this campaign for Mr. Stuart."

"I, I don't know what to say Steve," stammered Amanda, taking another gulp of her drink, "I really only have the degree as back up. I'm quite happy being your PA and besides Katie and I have plans for the weekend."

"Cancel them. Both of you can come to beachhouse for the weekend and we can all work on this campaign together. Katie does work for me to you know" said Steve a broad smile breaking across his tanned face.

Amanda's head was swimming. Her boss was sitting on his desk in front of her drinking Vodka with her and offering to take her and Katie to his beach house for the weekend. She squirmed a little in her seat as looking at Steve at such close range had stirred her cunt. She had always been a lesbian but Steve's tight black jeans outlined what looked like a fair size cock and Amanda began to wonder what it would like, feel like, taste like....

"Hello, you still with us?" said Steve.

"Sorry, I was thinking about how to tell Katie. She was so looking forward to this weekend."

"Don't worry. Call her on her mobile and tell her we will pick her up in half an hour, then we will drop by your place to pick up some things and we can be down at the beach in two hours tops. I contacted my housekeeper early today to tell her to get the house ready. There is a cyclone off the coast and the swell should be around two - three foot all weekend. Do you surf?"

"Ah, no. But I would like to try" said Amanda reaching for the phone. Her hand brushed Steve's leg accidentally sending a shiver right to the root of her cunt and she felt some moisture begin to flow in between her legs. She was sure Steve could smell her as he got off his desk to gaze out the window.

"Katie, Hi it's Amanda. Got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is our weekend up the coast is cancelled. Yeah I have to work."

"Oh too bad" sighed Katie. "I was really looking forward to having the weekend to ourselves, just the two of us" purred Katie into the other end of the phone. Katie was two years older than Amanda, stood a little shorter but she had shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and 36D tits with nipples that just loved being sucked - especially by her Amanda. She dressed casually but loved to dress up when the two of them went out together.

"So what's the good news."

"Well the goods news is Mr. Turner, Steve, wants the both of us to come his beach house for the weekend to help work on a marketing campaign for Go Connect. You know that ISP you worked on the launch campaign for?"

"Oh yes I remember. But why us? He already has a marketing department?"

"Yes, yes I know that but he's the boss so he can do what he likes. He has a house down near Byron Bay tucked away from everyone but it's right on the beach. We will come by and pick you up and then head over to our house to pick up our gear and then off down the coast. What do you say?"

"OK, I guess so. After all he is my boss too" said Katie actually looking forward to meeting Mr. Steve Turner in the flesh. If he was half was as good as Amanda describes him it would be a great weekend of viewing. Despite her lesbian tendencies, Katie still enjoyed the occasional man.