Written by Jonny99

8 Aug 2012

Just tipping the hat to that interesting little book that seems to be on everyones beside table or kindle.

She was grabbed from behind, strong hands propelled her forward bening her over the desk. She felt her hands being pulled behind her and the rasp as the tie wraps tightened round her wrists. She tried to run but heard his cruel laugh. You are going nowhere my little sex toy. Her legs were grabbed and she felt them being bound together. She tried to move but could not. He pushed her down till she was supported by the desk, her ample breasts pressing into the hard shiny mahogony wood. Strange the only thing she could think of right now was spunk, a hard cock shooting its white creamy load onto that shiny wood, then being made to lick it up, mmmmmmm she was getting wet. Her daydream was shattered as he slapped her face, not too hard just enough to get her attention. She could see his cock twitching inside his pants as it was level with her eyes. She looked up at his face and saw he was looking at her body, he wanted her and a thrill ran through her body. He squatted down till he was facing her inches form her face and he told her "You are my fuck puppet tonite, I am going to use u as I will and u will cum for me even if u dont want to. She moaned and he laughed harshly. Moan all u want my dear no one can hear you. Then he kissed her hard on the lips hist ongue probing her mouth. She wanted to resist but her body was betraying her already her panties were soaking with the juices flowing from her aroused pussy. He pulled away and moved behind her. She felt his hands grip her waist and slide up her body his fingers slid under her breasts and she felt him gripping her nipples her clothing, pulling on them, stroking her breasts and at the same time she could feel his hardening cock pressing against her ass. She thrust against it and he leaned forward and whispered in her ear. No little lady I am in control u thrust when I tell you. She felt his hands on her ass caressing it, slowly sliding down her thighs his hands reaching the hem of her skirt and then the skirt being pulled upwards exposing her stockings and suspenders. His voice then full of lust. I do love the feeling of running my hand up a womans leg and going from nylon to bare warm sexy flesh. Then he paused she wanted to look back but was afraid, then she felt the pressure as he ripped her skirt up to the waist exposing her ass, her panties and her wet sex, the centre of her being right now. She knew he wanted her, she had felt his hardness and knew he would fuck her make her cum over and over mmmmmmmmmmmm yes please fuck me now she thought penetrate me fill me. Bastard she screamed as his open hand slapped her hard on one buttock. A momentary delay then the other cheek. She could feel the cheeks redden as he gae her ten slaps on each cheek and tho her eyes filled with tears she wanted more, his hand rested on her ass and she felt his fingers gripping her ass cheeks pulling them apart, then his fingers probing pressing down toward her pussy, oh god yes she thought touch me there touch me now and I will cum. as if he knew he stopped and leaned forward. What is he doing she thought Then she felt her panties sodden and sticky with her juices being pulled then ripped off. Oh sweet jesus she thought and then his tongue pushing down betwen her ass cheeks his hands pulling the cheeks sieays and then his tongue entering her ass. She came hard , no one had ever done that to her with his tongue. But even as her orgasm subsided he continued probing opening her then his hand snaking around under her to find her clit. he rubbed it faster and faster and her moans grew louder as his tongue fucked her ass and his fingers wee playing a sweet song on her clit. As she was about to orgasm again he stopped, You prick she screamed I wasa almost there. I know he said but you are too noisy and moving round to her head she watched as he took his tie off. He grabbed her face and kissed her again her mouth opening for his tongue this time, but instead she got her own panties pressed into her mouth and the secured with his tie. She tried to curse him but could not. He looked in her eyes and smiled do you like ur own taste my dear, the taste of ur own sweet cunt. Her eyes told him that she hated him right now deprived of her pleasure she wanted him to suffer but his hands slid down her back and caressed her ass. He whispered in her ear, I will make u scream my darling... more to come

Feel free to add something in the same style if u wish or I will continue in same style. Criticism and advice welcome, but be nice I am only small lol.