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DubDaddyDom 3 years ago

3 Coffees and a Funeral

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"Broken routines", he thought and smiled to his reflection as he stepped out of the shower this morning. It was later than normal. The sun brightened the room instead of the bathroom lighting this morning and as he stretched to dry himself his body knew it. Seasons had changed from Summer to Autumn whilst he'd been away but the physical feelings in his body, tenderness, some aches were due to the events of the previous day. "The shit that I get up to" he said with a smirk to his reflection once again. Coffee number 1 A work trip cut short with news from home of a family funeral. A long flight home, a chance to sleep, a shower and yesterday had started very differently to others. Instead of reaching for his jeans, his navy Cavalli suit had been waiting on the back of a door, eager for an outing. A request from those grieving to carry a coffin of a person he had not see since childhood meant he would be centre and front and he knew it was important to look in order. Dressed, a strong coffee ahead of the long drive was critical to awaken all of the senses and as he'd sipped, his sense of smell indulged in the aroma of the kitchen he wondered about a flight back. He missed the anonymity already, the feeling of being lost in work which seemed so much more appealing than an appearance at a family funeral. Coffee number 2 "Shit" he uttered as he crossed onto the moterway and a ping of the petrol light punctuated his thoughts and the music surrounding him. The less interactions he had today the better, given his mood ... darkened by the unsettled anticipation of his day ahead. 20 minutes later, unpleasant pleasantaries with service station staff, he once again sipped a coffee ... "Shit" uttered again as he fought the urge to chuck it, the taste just north of bearable. But onwards. As he drove, he remembered the last time he'd worn this suit. A friends wedding. Another social gathering he'd attended out of duty but he smiled since he'd ended the evening wrapped in a delicious combinaton of skin, warmth and faced with a smirk and eyes that dared him, demanded him, needed him to .... take, tease, pleasure. "Hmmm" he purred to himself as he let the memories of that experience float gently in front of his eyes. His senses wide awake now, he conjured the smile, the touch of lips on skin, the feel of hands conveying need and urgency, the fingertips illiciting sparks of pleasure, the feel of that initial kiss was as real to him as the moment he had entered her ... as was the sounds of two people releasing themselves within a moment of time that lasted an evening. As he sipped the remainder of the coffee, he uttered to himself 'hmmm, yep you're awake now' as he shifted in the drivers seat to make his erection more comfortable. He was NOT driving to a wedding but a funeral. Errections, no matter how fun were not for coffin bearers. But he couldnt help smiling that smile and thinking 'you just never know the shit you can get into when you're awake'. Coffee number 3 As is his habit he arrived early and drove on to the nearest town. Parking he was faced with the options of sitting in his car and catching up on the news he missed or strolling in the autumnal sun and finding somewhere to sit. All too soon it would be Winter and the town looked quiet this morning so he strolled towards a coffee shop. Routines and habits. Ordering he realised why the guy serving was serving him had been staring 'Court ? Wedding or Funeral ?'. 'Eh ... court' he replied 'Id to borrow the suit' and as two men do, they got on with it, the nod to conversational pleasantaries over, and he served up the coffee ... to go. Sitting and reading the news, shades dulling the morning sunshine and sipping his coffee nature was calling and after much wandering he found his way back to the cafe and found relief. As he stood washing his hands his mind replayed something that had caught his eye as he'd walked. A car door had opened suddenly, almost hitting him as he walked, and a blond woman had emerged without a look. His mind replayed it, her black pencil skirt, black leather boots and a clean white shirt were clear, but it was her scent that had triggered. Not her perfume, but her scent. He walked back along the quiet streets. His thoughts 'Solicitor, secretary ...' those boots, that body, that essence that had triggered his senses, "time to kill ... much more intriguing than the news". As the sleepy town began to wake, shops opened. The chemist, a mens clothes shop and ... there she was, on her toes opening the blinds of a womans shoe shop. How wrong could he have been but it was very clear to him now that this was a woman who definitely knew to take care of herself and ensure she always looked her best. She waved hello to a passing friend ? who had beeped their horn at her and her smile caught his eye ... as he did hers ... stood in a navy suit along the street, wearing shades but clearly looking in her direction. The shop smelled of leather as he walked in. The morning sunshine had heated the air and as he looked around the shop seemed empty. She appeared, without smiling and said - "we're not really open yet". He lied "No problem, I'm wondering if you could help me out, Im off to a funeral in the next while and Im wondering if you had something to fix a belt". A confident, sexy woman she'd heard almost everything and looked with amusement at where this was going "I don't know quite how to tell you I need a hole puncher, without sounding crude" he said with a smile, she relented and laughed "No, I don't suppose there is an easy way to ask for that" noticing his eyes for the first time. As he walked towards her, his eyes never left hers, his hands moving towards his belt, opening and moving in one single movement he released it, and held it in one hand. "Running and weight loss and I've a body to carry" he said with a wink. "Sorry ?" she said, "Yes, a family funeral and it would be inappropriate if my pants dropped during". They both laughed out loud, him holding the belt in his hands, studying every movement of her in front of him, her enjoying this unexpected visitor. She took the belt from him now and stroked it across her hand playfully "I see ... beautiful belt, the leather is so soft, hmmmm". With that gentle noise and accompanying smile he sensed something that accompanied this well heeled woman in front of him ... a tease ? an invite ? the tilt of her head and wink. He reached to pull the belt from her "Let me show you where I need the " he started pausing instinctively as she hadn't let go and the gap between them closed ... his hand on her chin, holding her face up to him, that smile shared between them he leaned ... eyes open savouring her, he paused .. when her eyes opened in expectation his kissed her lips .... lips, tongues, hands bound... the belt now held in her hand behind her back by his, against her pencil skirt, his chest now against hers and their bodies pressing, wanting. She walked backwards ... eyes on his, smiling, they shuffled as they kissed, both competing, both teasing, both finding themselves and their partner .. as they arrived in a narrow area behind the shop, stacked with shoe boxes and smelling of leather. The leather belt still between them in their hands. His hands now reached behind unzipping her skirt and releasing the tail of her tailored white shirt, his hands exploring her lines, her body and wanting to satisfy himself on her. Her hands ... one around his neck pulling him in, kissing triggering this heat whilst the other enjoyed rubbing the bulge in his pants ... long strokes along the shaft, her mind racing, her mouth watering, no more thiking, just more taking. Her shirt open, his mouth moved from her mouth, to her collar bone and down to her breast that he had freed from the top of her lace bra, his hands massaging her head, her neck ... and finger tips on the top of her back. He felt her shiver ... and instinctively knew that her back, that skin along with her warm pussy would be his play things that would allow him to bring her to where he needed, where he wanted. A woman who was used to controlling and taking control of those around her, felt free, intoxicated by being taken, as his hands moved from her stomach, to inside her skirt now and down she felt a convulsion of pleasure as his finger gently stroked her. His kisses, his finger ... her body was his now and she wanted, needed satisfaction ... wet and throbbing. He looked down at her, allowing himself time to enjoy ... her black leather boots, her skirt to oneside where it had been disguarded, his fingers now inside her working around her black lace underwear and this beautful woman shuddering on his fingers. To her ear his lips whispered playfully 'now this *is* a 'good morning' ...' and bit playfully on her ear. With a moan, she opened her eyes now, pushed him backwards and dropped ... steadying herself on his body, she released him and held him, squeezing. Her eyes on his now ... "Lets see how good a morning it is shall we ?" as she returned and took his tip on her lips before easing all of him gently into her mouth. Deeper .. his shaft in her now, her hands massaging his balls, she felt him pulse powerfully on her throat and a deep groan of enjoyment emanating from him. Playfully she enjoyed him, her own hand pleasuring her wet clit now, the feel of his hands on her head, cradling her cheeks, his eyes enjoying her. Lifting her to kiss, he pushed away her shirt and bra ... dropping to kiss her nipples, his tongue flicking and mouth sucking her. He dropped and pushed with his hands her black panties down to her ankles over her boots, and held her hand as she stepped out of them as his lips and tongue instinctively and hungrily kissed and licked her now. Gentle strokes of his tongue, combined with his finger ... increasing his tempo, pressure, she began to throb ... moan, her wetness now flowing, surrounding her and his hands .. as she reached to steady herself on either side of this small narrow room. His desire, hunger moved him, he rocked her hips and pushed a tongue, onto and into her driving her crazy and bringing the early feelings of more to come. Standing now, he kiseed her again - sharing her, and the passion and primal wanting between them was wrapped in these kisses and their hands on each other wanting more. He spun her, held both her hands above her head and pulled her hips back ... a movement that seemed so natural as they continued this intimate, spontaneous meal of each other. She stood, eyes on the boxes in front of her, her body tight and awake and wanting ... his hands on hers, she could feel him lean to her ear 'naughty or nice ?' he whispered .... as she felt the warm feel of his belt stroke her ass. 'Dont you even think about it' she said with a smirk .... and they laughed, he rubbed the belt up and down her back gently, and lower onto both cheeks .... before .... he dropped and kissed her, tonguing her now ... she smiled as she offered herself up to him, his tongue .... the next touch she felt was the sting of the belt across her cheek .... 'Nice' he said, her mouth opened ... but before she could say a word she felt his mouth cover and tongue kiss where the belt had been ... The sound of the belt dropping, his hand on her head, holding her hair carefully as his body moved between her now, she felt a foot push her leg, her black leather boot to one side slightly and his fingers on her again now. The tip of him being useful where his finger had been ... pleasuring her, teasing her, she arched her back now and felt his relief, an audible gasp from him along with one from her as he pushed himself inside her. Steadying her with his hands, he pushed deep into her ... and for seconds ? left himself buried, pulsing, enjoying her scent, the vision of her back on front of him, the smells of the room and the intoxication of this experience before beginning to ease his shaft in and out of her delicious body. He worked her with his fingers gently .. stroking, tapping, pressuring her as his body synched with hers .... driving his body into her ... wanting and needing satisfaction and wanting and needing hers .... He felt her body react, subtle tell tale signs, her gasping shallow breathing, her shuddering body on his fingers, how her ass pushed back wanting more, deeper ... he quickened ... feeling his own balls tighten now, his eyes closing to focus on nothing other than the feel of her body holding him, tensing all around him .... and then letting the wave come ...the instinctive and natural release of him from deep within triggering hers, rising, their bodies buckling, their moans in unison dancing this timeless dance as they both release into and onto and around their entwined bodies and senses. The smells of her, him, their wet bodies held now, pusling, gently slowing, kisses covering her back, his hands rubbing her breasts and hips and stomach to savour every second of this shared moment. He never needed his belt adjusted and as he carried the coffin he wondered to himself if only anyone knew how he'd spent his morning. As he drove back that evening, after being lost in thought about her, him and that room of a shoe shop that morning all day, his body and his senses and need was sated and savoured the unexpected experience that had occured. Chance meetings, unexpected connections, a kindness, a gentle touch, a subtle gesture, allowing his body to listen and hear her movements. Always learning, and never ever not enjoying each and every moment.

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