Written by admin

6 Jan 2010

After a long drunken night out with my single mom friend we shared a taxi home. the taxi was crowded so she had to sit on my lap which was no problem as she is an exceptionally skinny but still attractive girl. anyways we both live on the same estate so we got out at the same stop and she invited me into hers for a drink. she was upset after running into her ex in town. now i was in the middle of a longterm relationship at the time so i was genuinely just being a friend by going in to comfort her. however somehow when wiping the tears from her face we started kissing on the couch which some lead to more... her teenage sister was upstairs minding the baby so everything was rushed and exciting.. i pulled down her top and started sucking her little tits and biting at her nipples while she fumbled with my jeans. she finally got me undone and went down on me in an instant spitting on my cock and sucking it in a frenzy. i was fingering her hard at this stage and she was dripping wet, i turned her around and started fucking her hard from behind.As she had giving birth only 6 or 7 months previously she was quiet loose so i stuck my finger in her ass which surprised her and tightened up her pussy instantly. i had no condom on and told her this so just before i was about to come i pulled out... she turned around, dropped to her knees and sucked me til i came in her mouth.... a night to remember but a bitch of a hangover and guilt trip after!!