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Young and stupid

"Fantasy comes true"
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Published 6 months ago
When I was 19 I was going out with a guy from Dublin who was 38yrs old. I thought I was so grown up and knew everything. One night after sex we were talking about our fantasies, of course his was a couple of women, looking back I think mine was made up on the spot, I said that I would like to be blind folded and tied to a bed and taken from behind by different guys. A couple of weeks later we where in a pub and he suggests that he could set my fantasy up and I said great, right up until the nite we did it he continued to ask me if I was sure but as a 19yr old I thought I was sure. Fast forward to the main event. Hotel room I get naked and get on the bed on all fours, a padded box is put under my stomach and my hands and feet and tied into position and I'm blind folded. I literally couldn't move. He just tells me he is leaving the room, I hear the door open and close and then it opens again. I could hear someone undressing and getting on the bed, next thing I felt was his willie inside me, he was fat, his belly practically sat on top of my ass. But he was gentle and didn't seem that big. I'd say he lasted 20mins before he came. He got dressed and left then the door opened again, this fellow had a good feel of everything before he started, he pulled my bum cheeks apart and started to lick my bum hole. He stopped and told me to open my mouth, I expected him to put his willie in my mouth but instead he tied a gag around my mouth, I was nervous now. We hadn't discussed any rules but when he was trying to put his willie in my bum I couldn't believe this was going to happen, he eventually got it in and pounded away. It was painful to say the least, this guy was a dirty bastard, the whole time he pounding my bum he calling me a dirty slut and telling me I liked getting my ass fucked, he came and then went for seconds in my fanny this time the whole event lasted about 50mins. Next fella in was uneventful came after 10mins and couldn't get out of the room quick enough. I wasn't enjoying this and was hoping it would be over soon, then the next fella who came in told me he was black this was a bit of a shock to me. He put his willie inside me and I knew it was huge. This turned out to be the longest session he came at least 5 times between my bum and fanny. He gave me a gentle slap on my bum cheek and asked If I liked it. I nodded yes but as he was pounding me and getting closer to climax his slaps got harder and faster. And this could last for 3 or 4 minutes as he struggle to come. Sometimes he would just about get there but would run out of steam and have wait a minute and start again. Both cheeks where numb. Some of the slaps I could feel all the way up to my shoulders. The last time he came he pulled out and took my gag off and forced his willie in my mouth and released, I was surprised how much come was in my mouth , it like his 5th or 6th time. He lifted up my blindfold to show me his willie. ''What do you think'' it was so big and he was so black and so ugly he was tall and skinny. Hard to believe a skinny guy could have a willie that big. ''Suck it'' are you not done I asked ''Suck it you little clondalkin slut'' he knew where I was from. I sucked his willie until it was hard and then he fucked my bum again for a couple of mins before he left. Two more men came in and had sex with me. I couldn't sit on my bum for a week after that and my boyfriend dumped me a couple of days after it. Sometimes I think of it now and think how stupid was I. But there we go.

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