Written by Mr lucky

20 Apr 2017

I've been friends with Mandy for years, she's separated now as I am and I often do some work for her. We have never been an item but I have been lucky enough to fuck her a couple of times after her break up, she's 45 now, very good looking with a nice body. She has two kids and both attend college in Dublin, a son of 23 and a daughter of 21. Recently I was installing a new kitchen for Mandy, her daughter Samantha was on a study break and was home. I always got on well with her, I'm not sure if she knew i fucked her mother, but she was always flirting with me and trying to get one up on her mum. On the Sunday night I was out and met up with Mandy, after the pub we ended up at mine and I fucked her as has happened a few times previous. On the Monday Samantha was late getting up, she came to the kitchen to get a drink and sat up on the counter top, she was her usual self, very chatty and flirty, but this time I noticed she was very much putting her wares on display. She had a skimpy top on with no bra under, and her loose fitting shorts gave glimpses of her pussy when she moved her legs. It was the first time I noticed her like this and I don't know if I was still drunk from the night before or what, but she was getting to me. I wasn't sure what she knew or if she was just teasing, but as she jumped down of the counter and stumbled into me I couldn't resist. I caught her and we had that moment,our eyes locked and suddenly I went to kiss her. She didn't resist, in fact she put her arms around me and pulled me too her. At this point I lost all reason and was taken over by lust, she's only five feet tall so I picked her up and carried her to her room. I pulled off her top to reveal her small pert tits, nipples hard and sticking out. I sucked them both and I put my hand down her shorts, her pussy was so smooth and very wet. She felt my cock and got him out, wanking it as I continued sucking her tits. I put her on the bed and pulled off her shorts, I spread her legs and I have to say I was gobsmacked looking at the sight before me. Her pussy looked amazing, so perfect, I started to eat it and I just couldn't get enough, it was so wet and hot and tasted so sweet. When I stopped for a breather she got up and knelt before me, taking my cock and looking at me she started to blow me. She looked so sexy as she sucked it, the same cock that only hours before was buried deep in her mothers cunt, pumping it full of spunk. I had to have her now, so I pushed her onto the bed and entered her, forcing my cock home in her wonderful wet cunt. How lucky was he?, first mum and now this sexy young thing, did she know?, was she getting one over on her mum?, I don't know and didn't care. I was in heaven fucking this cute little thing, we were lathered in sweat, I fucked her in many positions before I finally emptied my load in her from behind. It was the ride of a lifetime, after we went back to normal and she just gave me cheeky grins all the time. She's back in college now and some guys are going to be very lucky.