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27 Dec 2009

You will never know


3 minute read

You will never know. My wife works nights. She starts early in the evening and most mornings gets home around 5am or 6am. She works from an office dominated mostly by men. Sometimes she tells me of the conversations she has had with some of the guys who can be very rude at times and often I don't approve. I am a very open minded Guy and I often suggest her Cloths are not sexy enough to go to work in. She says that she thinks they forget she is a woman and see her as one of the lads. Anyway on to the story. As usual I got up and my wife was home after her long night shift. I went down stairs and started to tidy up the house and wait for her to awaken which was about 1pm When she was awake. I went up to her she was lying on top of the blankets, with a small tee shirt that revealed her belly, Her nipples were poking out through it and she was wearing black nickers. She was looking very sexy. I suddenly felt horny at this sight, So I began to run my hands over her ass and her thighs caressing her tits whilst catching up on the gossip. Talking as I was running my fingers over her crack through her knickers I notice what looked like dried love juices from her pussy. This had my mind in a spin. I asked her how come she had love juice stains on her knickers, which was easy to see because of the black knickers she was wearing. I awaited her reply which could have been `fuck off ` don't be stupid. Or no replay at all. Which was worse. I held my breath and she came out with (You will never Know). This was Brilliant it allowed my mind to wonder in all sorts of erotic directions, I was very hot and she could see it. (I didn't know it at the time). She started to caress my cock and asked me would I like to cum (Oh yes). she proceeded to pull me off as we kissed and moved towards the bathroom. The dried love juices were still on my mind and I was very hot. I put my throbbing cock down the top of here knickers so I could feel her hot pussy and her love juice stain knickers against my cock I was getting of on them stained knickers as she pulled it vigorously. Why was her knickers stained with dried love juices was she unfaithful. Was she with a man. Or was their dirty talk at work which had turned her on. I didn't care this was so sexy the thought of my wife been turned on somehow or letting another man touch her. I exploded in one huge orgasm at this thought all on her pussy and her knickers. She withdrew her hand with my cum dripping from it. And asked did you enjoy that (Oh yes). Later that day I told her I got a great thrill from my handjob earlier and explained that I had a huge orgasm from the thought of the dried love juices on her knickers, I asked her did she realise that. Again I held my breath awaiting a reply. She came out with of course I did. Did you think I was stupid or something ?'¦I love my wife'¦'¦'¦'¦Sweet

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