Written by Juicy girl

6 Jan 2015

Every Christmas party is such a bore so much so that a few years ago I decided that I may not go ... glad I did though !!

On the way back from the ladies a guy who I have little contact with at work stopped me and said "your looking very hot tonight"

The compliment was defiantly not falling on deaf ears as he was defiantly on my to do list !!

It had been a long drought !! I'd split with a long term boyfriend months before.. As the night went on I decided that I needed

Some NSA fun

I booked a room in the hotel and went back to the very boring party and simply

Whispered my room number into his ear saying be there in 20 mins !

In the room my whole body shuddered with excitement , all I wanted to be was naked and have a big cock pushing in to me deeper and harder at every thrust.

I fizzled at the sound of the knock on the door, opened the door and immediately started kissing, feeling each other everywhere and both just wanting a frantic fuck.. I could feel his huge cock pushing through his jeans just as I could feel myself getting all juicy wanting to be filled up.

I walked to the bed and bent over the bed and he pulled my dress up to my hips then buried his face in my pussy from behind, during all of this I was afraid Incase I was gonna gush all over his face as he was licking me then feeling me with his hands making me more and more horny.

I finally had to beg for him to fuck me, I turned round kissed him hard and said very quietly" fuck me now please I need it hard"

After teasing me with the tip of his cock for what seemed like ages he pushed in very quickly and pushed my face down onto the bed. Fucking me harder and harder I could feel my juices hit his balls and hear just how juicy I was from his expert fucking

Not a word was spoken I was just ordered into my back , I enjoyed this lack of control and just being treated like a sex object

As I lay on my side being fucked harder and harder I felt him about to cum I jumped down onto his huge hard cock and began sucking his cock

He went back down to his wife and it was never again spoken of ...