Written by Sarah

5 Jul 2020

My name is sarah, I worked as a financial controller for a hotel in dublin. Its an extremely unpopular position as you have every department head looking for more money than the budget allows. So you are forever having disagreements. After awhile it starts to take its toll on you. You feel everyone is constantly talking about you. There was one manager who got extremely angry with me on one occasion, Pierre was he name, he was french and had lived in Ireland since he was 10years old. Pierre had ignored me at every meeting and hotel function we were at for well over 6months. I felt extremely low and I would tell my husband I wanted to quit, I remember it was the first week in November when Pierre said hello to me in the canteen I couldn't believe it, he asked if he could join me and we chatted till the end of our break. He never mentioned the argument or ignoring me for 6months but I was just glad someone was talking to me. On December 10th we had our xmas party at another dublin hotel and of course my plan was to have dinner with the General manger and go before everyone got drunk and decided to give me a piece of there mind. I remember seeing Pierre there and he hadn't said hello which kind of bugged me a bit and him ignoring me for 6months had bugged me as well so I decided I would ask him about it the first chance I got but unfortunately that chance didn't come for a couple of hours and dinner was well over and I had nearly two bottles of wine on me at this stage. I'm only 5f 6 really slim so the the alcohol hits me like a tone of bricks most times. I remember talking to Pierre about him ignoring me and I remember him asking me to go somewhere more private so we found another function room one floor up with No one in it. I wouldn't be sure about the conversation but but I remember Pierre trying to kiss my neck at the same time trying to get his hand up my dress. Now this is where I really weak with drink on board. If I manage to stop his hand from touching my pussy than nothing will happen but if he gets his hand up there or even a finger I could lose control and he did, he managed to get his finger inside my pants and he started to insert his finger inside me, I went from having my knees nearly locked together to spreading my legs as wide as they could go. Pierre didn't waste his opportunity he started to take my dress off and my pants and bra where next. I realized this was wrong and was going to stop it but he had put his head between my legs and started to lick my pussy. I had lost all control now. He stood up and took off his jeans and boxers, I sat up to see this massive erection pointing at me, he grabbed the back of my head stuck it in my mouth unfortunately for me he was controlling my head so it wasn't a nice experience he also was talking dirty to me, ''yea you like that big dick'' only taking it out of my mouth long enough for me to answer ''yea I love your big dick'' and it was ''are you going to swallow my cum'' of course you say yes in the moment but you don't really expect him to cum but he did, he had held the back of my head and got faster and faster I was so busy trying to pull my head back that I didn't notice him getting to the point of one return. It just hit the back of my throat and filled my airway. An experience to forget. But the unbelievable thing is I expected him to be a spent force but his dick never got fully soft. He stood me up and walked me over to a table and bent me over it he then stuck his semi solid dick inside me and started to pound me. I could feel his dick getting harder and harder inside me. He was slapping my bum really hard and slapping my tits. He then put his hand over my mouth and took his dick out of my pussy and started to force it into my bum it took a couple of minutes but he eventually got it in. Now there is no getting away from this, it was sore uncomfortable and really painful and he pounded away all the time holding his hand over my mouth. The degrading dirty talk continued. '' you like my big dick in your ass you fuckin slut'' ''im going to pound your ass hole with my huge dick'' '' you want my cum'' What I really didn't want was him to cum in my bum. I remember this worrying me but again without warning he shot his load. He then lay on the table and told me to get on top again his dick wasn't fully soft, he made me sit on his dick facing towards his feet, he said he wanted to see my ass bouncing up and down. His dick started to swell inside and I was enjoy this the most I could control the pace and start to use his massive dick to my advantage. I had my eyes closed and had blocked out his dirty mouth I was in the moment just another minute or two and I'll cum all over his swelled up dick. And I heard a noise that hadn't come from me or him. I opened my eyes to see 5 men standing at the door of the function room. They where from our hotel. I jumped off Pierre and graded my clothes. They stood there looking at me putting my clothes on saying ''good man Pierre what was she like'' ''isn't she married the dirty bitch''. This is the part that really hurt, Pierre saying '' I would of got all 3 holes done had you's lot not of showed up'' I just stormed out. I handed in my notice the next day. Obviously it would be impossible to work there after that. I told my husband what had happened and gave him the chance to make an honest decision on our marriage but of course we couldn't get past it. So had to spend lockdown on my own which wasn't easy. So looking forward to having some nice fun shortly. Thanks for reading my story .