Written by TKMax

2 Jan 2015

This was just like any other xmas party we go to, a big bash in a hotel with lots of companies there. It was Sarahs do and she was her usual flirty self, dressed to the nines in a skimpy little number, short skirt and her tits spilling out of her top. She was enjoying the attention and was especially playing up to one young lad there, she had told me that since he started working with them he always seemed taken by her but was a bit shy. All through the meal she flirted and teased him, then as the dancing started she took it further. After a few drinks he was more relaxed and it was obvious he was turned on by her antics. Sarah told him to follow her up to our room after a few minutes, she wasn't sure he would but he did,so she decided to see how far he would go. He didn't know what to do as I'm sure his experience was limited. Sarah kissed him and put her hand on his crotch, he was rock hard and she said when she felt it she wanted it inside her. She pulled down her top to reveal her tits, nipples hard and longing to be sucked. She guided his mouth to them and he started to respond, he pushed his other hand up her skirt to feel her pussy, he fingered her and she was ready. She pushed him on to the bed and undid his trousers to reveal his cock. She said it wasn't above average but it was so hard, she took it's head in her mouth and sucked it, playing with his shaft, but she was afraid he'd come and she wanted him to fuck her. Sarah lay on her back, spread her legs wide, removing her panties to display her shaved pussy to him. He got on top of her and she guided his cock to her pussy, he slipped in and started to fuck her. She said his inexperience showed but the hardness of his cock turned her on so much. She put her legs behind him pulling him deeper inside her and fucked him back. It was frantic and he didn't last long before he came in her pussy. The whole thing only lasted a short time but Sarah said she just loved to give him something to remember. No one missed them and when Sarah told me later what she'd done I took her up again and fucked her hard doggy until I added my load to her pussy too.