3 May 2017

At the weekend past i visited one of those record & CD fair that are held time to time in the local Town Hall. As i had recently purchased a turntable i was looking to see if i could find any gems from my youth, most of the vinyl was the usual crap Top of The Pops and Country Compilations all well worn. Whilst browsing a voice said are you looking for anything in particular i turned and was confronted by a rather cheery young Lady with a bundle of CDs in her hands. I sort of mumbled looking for stuff from 70s before your time pet, she says I love the 60s and 70s great music especially British stuff, I said yeah you've good taste and laughed. She then told me her Father had a vast record collection that was the soundtrack to her youth The Stones, Beatles and Led Zeppelin which were played over and over at house parties over the years. I said i had recently purchased a turntable in order to play some of my own collection she asked who i liked to which i replied lots she pressed my for a favourite 45 and I said Baba O'Rielly by The Who which she said she knew when asked what my fav Album was I laughed when i told her " In the Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson she asked why I laughed I told her it brought back many happy memories and chuckled again. "Such as" she says, I said I couldn't possibly say and laughed again. She said she had never heard of it and laughed as well. I continued to browse and after a few minutes she tapped my shoulder and said I just googled it and it says Prog Rock whats that, so I tried to explain it was a genre where long solos were played on guitars drums and moog synthesizers, organs and most musicians who played it were generally spaced out from tripping on LSD the drug of the day, i told her to go on YouTube and bring up 20th Century Schizoid Man which had a particular favour with me, so she tried but unfortunately couldn't get a strong enough signal, so i told her to do so later. As i made my way to the door to leave she took me by surprise by asking would i like to go for a coffee which i found myself agreeing. Over coffee I found out her name was Hazel that she was home for the Bank Holiday from Uni in Dundee were she was in her 3rd year studying for something to do with tourism, she shared digs with another Irish Girl and a Scots Girl were the weekends got lively, she asked me about myself quizzed whether i was married children and what i did for a living. I found her to be delightful to chat to and she didn't seem bothered at all that I was old enough to be her Dad even older than her own Dad, but we got on great. After the coffee was over we both got up to leave and she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and thanked me for spending time talking to her I said the pleasure was all mine and how I wished all youngsters where as pleasant and as chatty as her. as we parted she said i must listen to that Schizoid song and laughed. An hour later whilst in Tesco buying some Wine i hear you again and laughter there was Hazel she had changed was in a pair of running trousers and a Dundee Uni sweatshirt and her hair tied up says her Mum had asked her to nip into off sales to buy some wine for dinner. I told her I had been window shopping and enjoying the weather as it was dry for a change before deciding to buy some beer and wine to have over the remainder of weekend. She selected a bottle of red and white as I picked up a bottle of Sauvingon Blanc and a box of Coor's and placed in my trolley we chatted aimlessly as we headed to the checkout and both paid for our stuff. I said lovely to see you again and prepared to head to car park when she asked what my plans for that evening were, I said relax at home with a beer and listen to some music why? will you listen to Prog Rock and laughed as i replied maybe but its not much fun on your own. Now you could have knocked me down with a favour when she said ill listen to it it with you if you want, will beat listening to my kid brother drone on about his latest bike. I said are you sure? of course where do you live and got her smart phone out to put in address, so i gave her my address and agreed she would come over after dinner about 8-30. My mind was racing as i drove home, what has just happened? did i imagine that ? I knew I had to tidy up as i hadn't expected visitors so i spent the next 2 hours hoovering, dusting and rigging the stereo up ensuring the turntable worked through speakers and trying to grab something to eat. 8-30 came and went and i must admit i was a little disappointed but not surprised why would this rather attractive young lady want to spend time with me at 8-50 i decided to change into my usual attire of footie shorts and a t shirt and grab a beer before All round to Mrs Browns came on TV, I stuck my feet up laughing at the antics i nearly missed the door bell, I put hall light on and could see the silhouette through frosted glass i opened the door and the was Hazel im really sorry im late she said as she she entered i had a few glasses of wine at dinner so couldn't drive and the fuffin taxis in this town take forever, she plonked herself down on the sofa and said what you watching? no music? I said i thought you had decided on something better so was watching tv. Well break open the wine and music she said. I opened the wine and poured her a large glass and gathered my bottle of Coors. We chatted as she looked through my record collection when she says eureka here it is King Crimson put it on. I told her the best way to listen to it is with your eyes closed, it really is a fucked up Album when listening to it sober so with a beer or two or some wine it sounds great, into the album on comes 20th Century and i smile broadly and tell her this is the track i was telling you about, she opens her eyes and says so whats this special memory then, i said oh nothing really but she she demands come on whats so special as it doesn't seem that great and kept pressing me so i relented and told her i lost my virginity whilst listening to it with a girlfriend in my bedroom having got into the music through my brother who is 10 years older, we both laughed and she says fuck (which shocked me) s she was quite proper until then, i lost my cherry she says riding a fucking horse at 13 or some fat boy at school dance who managed to get me drunk on bacardi breezers and managed to push two fat fingers up me. I was shocked were did this alter ego appear from, must be the drink i thought I refilled her glass and grabbed another beer and slumped back in my chair having turned the Album over eyes closed she say's Steve (that's me) i can see up your shorts, as i sit bolt upright remembering ive no boxers on clearly embarrassed i apologize, she says hey no worries not much to see i collapses in a fit of giggles. I didn't know where to look or what to do. She says im kidding looked fine sleeping and laughed again. She selected another album by Frank Sinatra which a bought for 50p but its got some great ballads on she says hey lets dance and throws her arms around my neck im about 6" taller than Hazel and i avoid pressing my body against hers in case the obvious occurs but she places her head on my chest and hums along to Old Blue Eyes im looking down at the top of her head thinking this is surreal is it really happening? as the song finishes she gets on her tip toes and gives me a smacker on cheek and sits and gulps the last of her wine. I ask have you made arrangements to get picked up and she says ill call a cab, your not trying to get rid of me she says, i said not at all. Where did you tell your Parents you were going to ? she replied friends. Can i have a beer she says, i say of course and walk to the fridge and as i bend over to collect the beer she whacks me hard across the ass i turn and without warning she grabs my balls through my shorts, im shocked but she gives them a soothing rub obviously with this attention my old man starts to get interested and pokes against my shorts, hey you dirty old bugger your hard she laughs, i scoff well not everyday a young lady strokes yer bollocks ffs. I begin to wonder what type of situation im in and ask Hazel are you ok ? should i call you a taxi ? (as im not sure if shes aware of her actions) but she reassures me shes fine and sits opposite me again, my hard on begins to retire to its normal relaxed position when she retorts can i help with that indicating with her hand my nether regions. Oh err what do you have in mind, she gets on her knees and crawls toward me she then tugs at the draw cord and slips my shorts down to my hips i raise my butt up to help and my todger plops out, she takes it in her hand and pulls foreskin back and gives it a lick mmm she says and pokes her tongue into my japs eye, fuck im dreaming as she starts to wank and suck at same time praying that i dont cum too soon or lose my woody. Fuck she slips a finger into my ass whilst sucking hard on my boner (don't think ive ever experienced a hard on like it) I reach over and tug her zipper on her dress down reveling she wore no bra so begin rubbing her her back and searching round for her breasts, fearing i would cum i lift her bodily and carry her into my bedroom and through her down on bed and collapse on top of her kissing her lips like a teenager again feeling her breasts through her dress i slip it down from her shoulders and expose two pert little buds which i hungrily suck on whilst rubbing her crotch i pull her pants aside and rub her outer lips which are moist, i gently put my middle finger into her young pussy and push in and out till she becomes very aroused, i move down kissing her body until i arrive at her shaven pussy i lap at it occasionally pushing tongue inside her shes holding the back of my head and begins thrusting her pussy hard against my face, shes talking dirty to me the whole time asking me to do her to fuck her a lift my head and she says fuck me Steve please fuck me so i mount her and get into a decent rhythm she sucking and bites my nipple i pull her over on top and she begins to ride me, i decide to return digit up the bum routine with her, and that drives her on harder and louder she leans in and bites gently on my ear lobes whist talking pure filth in my ears, her nails rake my body shes on fire, i get her on her knees and give her it doggy whilst pushing on with the finger in her ass, i decide to try my luck and push tip of my knob against her ass pushing gently to see her response she pushed back hard and continued to ride my cock with her ass a few more strokes and i exploded up her arse as i flopped out i pushed her back onto bed and dived down to lap at her pussy biting nibbling on her clit hands rubbing those little rosebud nipples. She came at least twice and was soaking i was covered in her juices and as we lay breathless on the bed she kissed me me on lips and said thank you. I awoke at 6 am as normal but startled that Hazel was still there, i got up and showered and got pan out for some bacon and eggs trying not to make to much noise as i didn't want to stir her but by 8-30 i went to the bedroom and she was sleeping and had kicked quilt off her body was truly magnificent young firm tiny breasts big smile curly hair Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann spring to mind. Hazel i say gently do you want something to eat a coffee, tea she begins to stir and smiles at me, yeah some toast and a coffee please and can i have a shower she says, sure towels all in there. after 5 mins she joins me in kitchen large bath towel draped around her body and towel on head sits crossed legged on kitchen bench. ll need an iron she says my dress is all wrinkled i think i lay on it all night, you old tiger she laughs. Kitchen tv playing repeat of match of the day as we talk about everything other than the night before. I set the iron board and iron up and she presses her dress when complete she drops towel and puts dress on and removes towel from hair and shakes it free. She is rather plain facial looking but you dont notice due to bubbly personality i offer to drive her home which she accepts on arriving at her street i say ill drop you short in case parents look out, 100m later shes says pull over here please. She opens car door and turns kisses me on cheek the tugs playfully on cheek and presses her panties into my hand, thanks lover perhaps the next time im home ill pop round and listen to some more music with you and shes out door, i rolled window down to ask for her mobile but she was gone up drive and away without looking back. That was 2 days ago and i have been wanking furiously with her panties and smelling my sheets. Next time a youngster smiles at you at shops or at a CD fair don't dismiss they may just put some lead back into your pencil.