8 Jan 2020


She led me down the corridor, to a room to the right , at the end, a guest room, I guessed, the curtains were tightly drawn, a double bed dressed only in a white sheet with a single pillow, soft light from a lamp beside the bed , where I noticed a bowl of oil placed alongside.

We undressed each other very slowly, I unbuttoned her blouse, her huge breasts contained in a black lace top bra, cupped in a soft see through stretch fabric, her dark nipples pushing outwards against it,

I moved downwards, kissing her stomach as I unzipped her skirt, sliding it over her generous hips, she wore a silver grey knickers, also see through, the outline of her undergrowth visible,

dampness from her arousal making her pussy lips faintly visible , i kissed the front of her knickers too, her scent delicate as i kissed.

I stood again, she removed my shirt, her hands moving on my chest, she dropped to her knees and undid my Jeans, I stepped out of them, she used her finger nails against the skin of my lower abdomen, she released my cock then, I could tell she was surprised by my size, she held me with both hands and moved them backwards and downwards against the base of my cock, holding for a number of seconds, stretching my tip tight, when she released her grip , a pool of pre cum had gathered, she touched it with her index finger and raised it slowly, a trail ran all the way back to the head of my cock, she looked up very deliberately as she placed her finger in her mouth.

She then brought her lips very close and touched her tongue into my pre cum, raising it a little, again a trail, she allowed her tongue to press downwards again, this time drawing the remaining pre cum to the underside of the head of my cock, she moved her lips forward and kissed right there, tantalising, she opened her mouth and slowly moved her lips over my pulsing head, she placed her teeth just behind my helmet, holding her tongue back , flickering my very tip,

She then moved her mouth further along my shaft , taking half my cock in her mouth.

I'm normally 8 inches with a 6 inch circumference but am certain she had me reach at least 8 and a half inches by then, she slid all the way back off me and stood to kiss me again, I could taste my saltiness from her kiss, I asked if she would like a massage, having noticed the bowl of oil, yes please she said.

She lay on the bed , face down and to one side, I climbed onto the bed unclasped her bra and raised the bowl of oil , letting it drip gently, starting at her neck, all the way down the centre of her back, allowing a little pool to form in the deep hollow just above her knicker line.

To be continued