4 Jan 2020

She lives close by, round the bends, up a hill , on the other side, a deep glen only, divides us.

I cycle quite a bit , she walks a lot , our paths crossed, a hello, a smile, she looks damn good,

always in a tight shirt and ski pants, late thirties with huge breasts and a gorgeous butt.

I did notice when we stopped to chat , she often pushed her breasts forward noticeably, I looked forward to meeting her , I think we subconsciously set ourselves to meet, chats grew longer, we started messaging each other.

One message in particular knocked me for six, she asked if I get rock hard, I am 50, I'm guessing she is late 30's , I replied, absolutely, do you get aroused easily, yes I certainly do, was her reply, I get very wet.

Shortly afterwards she msgd again , saying,

' everytime I look at you , I want you to fuck me really hard' what a massive and instant hard on she brought on in that moment, I was consumed with her, her beautiful body tracing itself through my thoughts.

We arranged to meet at her house on a pretense when her husband was out , it was a Thursday bout six in the evening, I was nervous yet expectant, I rang the bell, she answered, in a short black skirt with red silk blouse on top, I noticed a faint outline of her nipples, I imagined a very flimsy bra beneath her blouse, we smiled through coffees and chat, she left for the kitchen and reached down to pick up a misplaced toy on her way, I caught a glimpse of her stockinged legs, sending a sharp hot pulse through the length of my cock.

She returned, I stood to meet her , her eyes alive, full of promise, full of sex, I noticed her nipples seemed more extended beneath her red silk, we kissed, delicate, barely touching lips, my hands slid down her silk back, to the deep curve just above her bum, her tongue reached deep in my mouth,

Our tongues circled each other's, she slowly let her free hand downwards, tracing my rising erection, I slipped my right hand low enough to lift her skirt, touching her free skin above her stocking tops, we were shaking, desire had come for us both, I whispered, deep in her neck,, ' is there a bed we can use'

She smiled big, ' COME follow me'

To be continued