Written by carpenter1962

17 Nov 2014


I often go up to glencree for a walk with the dog but last week was different it was a Monday

And not a car in sight I parked in the usual spot and set off half way down the trail I thought I seen something blue in color moving in the forest not thinking much of it I walked on with the dog the path goes around in a circle after about 10 mins I was on the other side this time I had a better look and could see a couple going at it I moved as close as I could without being seen and I don't mind saying was nervous when I was about 50 feet away I stopped and could see this woman about 45 and this bloke around the same age she was up against a tree with her jeans and knickers down around her feet and her top and bra up around her neck with a huge pair of tits exposed he was on is hunkers licking her out so I could not see if she was shaven straight away I unzipped my fly and removed my cock with in 1 min the spunk was dripping out of it (All the better because the dog made some noise) he stopped and looked around and seen me and all he did was smiled she was the same I immediately ran out of the woods trying to get my cock back into my jeans which I did with great effort I ran back to the car and vanished down the road but am really sorry I did not take a few pictures to toss over later but I had no time to think .

I have being up many times to the same spot but have not seen them again it was like a dream to see this and will probably never will again but it will not stop me having the odd wank up there when there is nobody around .