Written by PR

29 May 2017

My wife Caz is 36 years old, 34D tits that are enhanced and sit up pert with big nipples, she keeps her pussy trimmed and has a slim fit body, she is a petite blonde. She used to work as a lap dancer and is very confident and a real exhibitionist, always out to shock. We have a great sex life and take part in the swinging life style, some of my friends know this and are intrigued by it all.

Las week we were out in town with some friends of mine for one of their birthdays. After a great night and lots of alcohol we all went back to Peters house, his wife was away so we continued the party back there. We ended up with just me and Caz, Peter, Sean and Michael. Caz was teasing the boys and was doing a lap dance for Sean for his birthday. Caz was really enjoying it and had the boys all rubbing their crotches as she got her tits out, pretty soon she was naked and sitting on his lap, grinding her pussy on his erection. She dropped to her knees and pulled out his cock, she was grinning as she stroked it and started to lick the head of it. She started to really suck him off and then she went on all fours, her arse sticking out invitingly. She stopped sucking for a minute and said " someone fuck me, I want a cock in me ". Peter wasted no time, he got behind her and eased his cock into her, held her hips and started to fuck her hard and fast. Very quickly he started groaning and emptied his load inside her pussy. She just kept sucking on Sean, Peter pulled out and Michael just went straight into her pussy after. She was getting it from both ends, Sean held her head and forced his cock to erupt in her mouth, she gagged as his cum flooded her mouth, the sight of this brought Michael off and he started cuming inside her but pulled out and wanked the last bit over her back. As the only one left I got a blowjob, it didn't take long for me to come and she was filled again. We all recovered and Sean complained that he didn't get to fuck her, so Caz just laid down on the rug and said " ok Sean, give it to me and show me what you got ". Sean mounted her and slipped in easily, lubricated by the cum inside her. He put her legs up on his shoulders and pounded her deeply, bringing her off before cuming inside her again. What a great way to end a great night.