30 May 2017

Continuing on from the delivery guy.

My girlfriend Rose had received a txt from a new number in work one day, she took out her phone and opened it and it was a picture of huge dick. She got so excited she said she had to go to the bathroom and relieve herself. When she got home that evening we had the most incredible sex ever. She needed that picture inside her for real. I told her to txt him to come over and she seemed a bit reluctant. After more fucking she came around to the idea and said we would organise it for a different night.

It turns out she had been exchanging pics with this guy as she said he wanted to take her in her work uniform. She worked for an airline company. We had arranged for this guy to come over the next evening when she was finished work. We were both home early that evening and were very excited. We had a quickie then showered and she got ready. She looked amazing when she was ready, her sexy little heels, suspender belt and stockings, her short skirt and shirt.

She was clearly excited as her nipples were bulging through her shirt. She didn't need to wear a bra as her tits were so firm. The knock we had been waiting for came at the door. She got up to answer it. She opened the door, said hello and placed one hand on his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. They both came into the sitting room and we were introduced. He was a tall well built man. After a bit of small talk we sat on the sofa with Rose in the middle of me and Jake. Rose turned to Jake and they started to kiss. I moved over to the arm chair to take it in. After a bit of kissing she made her way down to the bulge in Jakes trousers, unzipped him and relised his dick, I could see why she couldn't wait to get it out. It was easily 10 inches long and 4 inches thick.

She went down on him straight away and took as much as she could in her mouth. I was surprised to see she could get about 8 and half inches in. She gave head for awhile, occasionally licking his massive balls. She came up for air and he unbuttoned her shirt to set her gorgeous tits free, nibbling on her nipples he unzipped her skirt to reveal her gorgeous wet pussy.

They ended up in a 69 position before getting up and we all moved into the bedroom. He lay her onto the bed and hovered over her belly. He inserted his dick between her tits and Rose gave him a titwank. He then positioned himself to enter her, Rose decided he didn't need a condom for now. He entered her slowly inch by inch until he was balls deep. She was enjoying every bit of it. He slowly worked his tempo up while nibbling on her nipples. It was such a turn on for me I had to get my cock out and give it some attention. Rose told me to stand by the bed and she sucked me off while getting fucked by Jakes massive cock. Before we knew it I exploded in her mouth while Jakes balls tightened up he was about to pull out when Rose grabbed his arse and told him to cum inside her. I was shocked at this but it was such a turn on seeing another man cum inside my girlfriend. We lay there for a while on the bed when Jake excused himself and left. Rose and myself had sex before going to sleep and the feeling inside her wet pussy was incredible. We met up with Jake a few times but lost contact then.