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Wifes gym experience

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Published 8 years ago
Hi all, I want to share with you my wifes latest horny experience. Since she firstly shared herself with Pavel the taxi guy in Galway a few months ago she has become an extremely horny woman and constantly tells me so. She been going to the gym to keep herself in good shape, not that she much to do. She's become toned and has a nice tight little bum dispite being 40. So much so she's been atracting the attentions of the much younger gym instructor. She told me this a couple of week ago when we were fucking. She knows how horny this makes me and she picks the right time to get the best out of me. She goes there a couple of times a week and as I'm away at work at lot at present she has time to enjoy the attention but still keep me informed. I've told her I'm ok with her playing as long as I know about it. I've asked her to flirt with him which shes being doing and is asking him to help with some of the weight machines to get up close n personel with him. I know this guy and he's fit, mid 20's with a really hot body. they been getting on fine and when I was away last week she asked if he does one to one sessions, which he replied not normally but what have you in mind. She asked if he could come to our house and show her some exercises. She rang me and told methat this guy was coming to see her and asked how I could be involved. As I'm away I couldn't but got her to ring my phone from our house phone and leave it on hands free so i could hear them. It's right beside the bed. When he arrive she was wearing her gym gear but he knew what was coming. She said she could see his very noticeable bulge. She got sraight to business by asking him up to our room to demonstrate the exercises. she asked him to help her work on her abs and bum, particularly my bum she said. I could hear the conversation on the phone. He replied your bum is fine babe, i've been watching it for weeks now. Is it firm enough for you she asked. He replied 'it is'. She said 'how do you know, you haven't felt it'. There was a short silence when I heard her say ' now thats nice' I could only image what she meant, but it made me hard. She said ' your quite firm yourself' when I heard her lightly scream with joy as they both fell onto the bed. I had to endure the sound of heavy panting and light groand as they both undressed each other obvisously with some passion. the next I heard was her say you bulge lives up to it expectations, to which he replied, where would you like it. she replied easy tiger I want to play with first when she went down on him. she asked him to lick her which really likes. her groans where of real enjoyment. she asked him to get on top and I could hear her accept him with a load prolonged moan of pleasure ending in a 'oh Fuck!. I could now hear the bed creak as her pumped her until she loadly for my benifit took him. They continued for a while as I came just listening to them. They went quite after a while and she clearly had a great fuck. I could hear them speak low n kiss afterwards as she expressed her gratification to him. she got out of bed and pushed to of buton on the phone without him noticing and they proceeded to get dressed. She rang me about a half an hour later and told me how good he was. I've asked if I can watch the next time which she is up for but maybe not him. She was back in the gym since but he wasn't there so she'll try to get him on again.

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