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Wife's beautiful friend

"When the wife is tucked up in bed..."
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A story posted here by a guy who had an encounter with his wife’s friend prompted me to write about my own experience.

My wife’s friend (Eileen) visits us on average, two or three times a month.  Sometimes, if she visits at the weekend, she’ll stay over for a night.  One Saturday night, a few months ago, Maeve (my wife), Eileen and I decided to go to the pub. We headed off to the pub at about 10 o’clock.  There weren’t many there at that time but a crowd soon gathered.  Around midnight, the heat in the pub was starting to get to me so I decided to go home.  I said goodbye to Maeve and Eileen and went home.  They said they would get a taxi home.  When I got home, I took off my shoes and socks and went upstairs to finish some online work that I had started earlier.  When I finished this, I came back downstairs, opened a can of beer and started watching tv.  Around 1.30, I heard a car coming up the drive and when I looked out, I saw it was the girls arriving home in a taxi.  They came into the house and we all went into the kitchen where I got another beer.  Eileen made herself a cup of tea and Maeve poured a glass of wine for herself.  We sat around the kitchen table and spoke about the night.  After a while, Maeve said she was very tired (she looked it too!) and was going to bed.  She kissed me goodnight while I gave her ample breasts a discreet squeeze, she gave Eileen a hug and went upstairs to bed.  Eileen and I stayed at the table talking.  Eileen’s phone buzzed and she looked at the message that had come through.  I could see that it annoyed her somewhat.  She shut off the phone and slammed it on the table.  I asked her if everything was all right and she said that the text was from her ex-husband, Pat, who she had split up with over a year ago.  She told me that sometimes he would call or text her in the middle of the night when he had drink taken.  Eileen then told me about the relief she had felt since she and Pat separated.  She looked at me and said that she envied Maeve and me and the relationship we had.  She reached over, put her hand on mine and said that Maeve was a very lucky woman to have met me.  By now it was almost 3 o’clock and I was finding it hard to keep my eyes open.  I decided to go to bed and I rose from the table.  Eileen said that she was tired too and was going to bed also.

We went out to the hall and towards the stairs and the room Eileen was going to use, which is near the bottom of the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs we said goodnight and then, impulsively, I said to Eileen, “you’re looking very well tonight - and I mean that!”  She blushed slightly and said “thank you”.  Eileen is fifty-four years old, about five foot eight, has dark, wild, curly hair and has a figure that women half her age would do anything for.  On that night, Eileen was wearing a royal blue, figure-hugging dress with short sleeves and a fairly high neckline. The hem of the dress almost came to above her knees. 

I opened my arms wide and said quietly, “hug?”  We hugged and as I held her close to me, I could smell her perfume and feel her massive mop of curly hair against my neck and face.  I whispered into her ear “Pat was a foolish man to let you slip away.  If I was him, I would never have let that happen”.  “I don’t think you would, Mike”, Eileen whispered back.  Although our embrace lasted for probably no more than five seconds, it felt like ages.  We disengaged from each other and faced each other.  My hands were resting gently against her waist and her hands were softly grasping my arms.  We looked into each other’s eyes and, impulsively, I pouted my lips quickly in a kissing manner.  Looking into each other’s eyes, Eileen moved her face closer to mine and our lips met.  We kissed gently at first and then we became more intense.  I could feel Eileen’s tongue against my closed lips so I opened my mouth and her tongue met mine.  We moved into the bedroom where I sat on the edge of the bed and Eileen sat to my left and we resumed our passionate kissing. 

As we were exploring each other’s mouths I gently ran my left hand over the back of her blue dress, up the furrow of her spine to her bra strap and towards her neck.  With my right hand, I moved Eileen’s hair away from her face so I could kiss that lovely skin all the more.  Then, I stroked her elegant neck from her ear to her jaw and down along her neck towards her exposed skin above the neckline of her dress.  I gently stroked her shoulder and moved downwards towards along her arm, along her bare skin below the short sleeve.  I then lowered my hand to her stocking-clad legs and gently moved upwards, over the hem of her skirt and along the side of her body, under her arm.  From there I moved back again to her exposed skin which I stroked gently with the back of my fingers.  I then lowered my hand and as I was moving downwards again, I ‘accidentally’ brushed against her left breast.  I caressed her legs again and then returned to her breast.  This time, I gently placed my open hand on it and held it there.  Still kissing me, Eileen raised her left hand, placed it over mine and pressed it firmly against her breast, which I gently squeezed.

I grasped the zip of her dress and slowly began to draw it downwards, bit by bit.  It was just above the strap of her bra when it became stuck.  Disengaging from our cuddling, Eileen said “Mike, will you please free up that zip carefully?  I bought this dress only a few days ago”  We stood up and, with Eileen standing with her back to me, I freed her zip from the stray thread which had become caught in it.  I lowered the zip as far as it could go, past the black bra she was wearing.  Then I slowly slid the dress off her shoulders and, leaning over, I softly kissed them.  As I was sliding the dress down, I kissed each new area of skin as it was uncovered.  Eileen took her arms out of the dress and let it fall down to her hips where it remained until she shook it down over her hips and it fell to the floor.  From behind her, I put my arms around her and cupped her bra-clad breasts and again, she pressed my hands firmly against them with hers and lay back against me.  I kissed the back of her neck, across the top of her shoulders, down her back to her bra strap.  I unclasped her bra and she shrugged it off and then she turned to face me.  When I saw her breasts, I just couldn’t take my eyes off them.  Cupping them in my hands, I was pleasantly surprised at their firmness and although they were drooping a bit and the nipples were pointing slightly downward, they still had retained their shape, they were the finest breasts I had ever seen on a woman of her age.  She whispered to me “why am I the only one who’s half naked here?”  Smiling, I shrugged and replied “why, what are you going to do about it?”  Eileen slid her hands under my top and began to rub my body and back and we kissed passionately again.  “Take your top off”, she whispered, and which I did.  Our bodies met again, this time flesh-to-flesh.  Wow!  What a feeling it was to have her gorgeous body against mine – I could feel her breasts against my chest as I pressed my quickly-stiffening penis against her stomach.

 As we were embracing, Eileen moved backwards and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me towards her. I half-fell on top of her and she wrapped one of her lovely long legs around my hips.  Removing this leg, she swung her legs onto the bed and I sat astride her, kneading and caressing those beautiful, mature breasts with their massive nipples and huge, dark areolas.  I leaned over her and kissed her slowly, beginning at her forehead, then her face and neck.  As I moved slightly down the bed so I could continue kissing, Eileen put her hands above her head and lay back, moaning softly.  I kissed her chest and then worked my way towards those beautiful, milky-white breasts.  I gently kissed them all over, between them, under them and around the sides.  Reluctantly disengaging myself from that piece of heaven, I kissed Eileen’s stomach, which is flawless despite her having given birth to six children.  Eileen then whispered, “Mike, do that to my back – it’s just lovely!”  She rolled over and lay face-down on the bed and I straddled her again and this time, I kissed the back of her neck, and, while I was stroking the side of her breasts, slowly blew gently on and kissed her along her spine down to the top of her panties.  She raised her arms above her head again as I kissed her back and moved my lips to her side and on to her breasts, one at a time, which were welling out under her as she was lying on the bed.  When my lips first touched her breasts, and then when I gently licked and blew on them, she shuddered at first and then let out a long-drawn stifled moan of ecstasy.  Eileen rolled on to her back again and, astride her again, I sat back on my hunkers and resumed my adoration of her lovely skin, glorious breasts and stomach.  She ran her hands over my body, gently tweaking my nipples and drawing her fingernails over my pecs and down over my slightly chubby tummy.  She paused with the tips of her fingers inside the waistband of my pants, smiled and looked me in the eye in a questioning manner and, holding her gaze, I nodded.  Eileen unbuckled my belt, undid the top button of my pants before lowering my zip fly.  She inserted her forefingers into the hem of my underpants and slowly drew them downwards, exposing my pubic hair and gradually uncovering my almost fully-hard penis.  I stood up, wriggled my way out of my pants and underpants and lay back beside Eileen.  She took my now fully-erect penis in her hand and slowly started to gently wank me.  Then she bent over and kissed the shaft of my cock all over before gently sliding her lovely lips over its tip.  She took it in her mouth as far as it would go and I could feel her tongue working around it as if it was a lollipop while at the same time she was caressing my balls, and drawing her nails over them.  As I lay back in ecstasy, I ran my fingers through her hair as she worked on me.  She then rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed and took my hands and gently pulled me towards her.  I knelt down on the floor in front of her between her legs and we started kissing again.  I gently pushed her back on to the bed and, slowly, removed her lacy panties.  She kindly raised her bum as I was doing this.  Eileen had a lovely, unshaved triangle of pubic hair.  I ran my fingers through this hair and down towards her pink pussy lips which I could see peeping out between her legs.  I seductively licked my middle finger and then my index finger and then gently inserted them into her damp, smooth love-tunnel.  I started to thrust my fingers gently into her and I kissed, licked, caressed and squeezed her breasts and nipples while she stroked my face and neck while pressing my head into her bosom.  I then moved backwards and lowered my face towards her hairy triangle and started teasing the hair with my lips before spreading her thick, juicy pussy lips and licking and pulling her clitoris, which was a lovely shade of pinky-red, with my lips.  Eileen held my head down as I slurped the juices which were oozing from her pussy.

By now I could feel my throbbing cock starting to ooze pre-cum.  Opening her legs again, I moved up on her and lay on her.  I raised myself up on my hands and began thrusting my cock gently between her belly and mine while we kissed.  She paused and, pushing me gently backwards, reached down and gently took my cock in her hand and she guided it towards her pussy.  “Put it in slowly, Mike”, she whispered.  I felt her guiding my cock through her pubic hair and I finally felt her pussy lips against the tip of my cock.  “Push it in gently now” she said.  My cock moved slowly and smoothly between her lips, which were soaking by now, and slid into her.  I slid all of my 6½ inches in to the hilt.  Eileen said “just lie there – I want to feel you inside me”. We lay there just feeling our bodies against each other.  I withdrew a few inches and then began to thrust myself inside her – slowly and gently, feeling every inch of her pussy as I moved.  Eileen grasped my head with her hands and, pulling my face close to hers said “I want you so much…”  “I want you too, Eileen”, I replied and we kissed again…savouring the taste of her tongue as it darted inside my mouth.  By now I was thrusting at a quicker pace and she was moving her hips to my thrusts.  Then I could feel Eileen’s hips begin to vibrate – softly at first and then increasing.  She gave a soft groan and bit her lower lip and arched her neck outwards.  I could feel her wrapping a leg around my bum and pulling/pushing me further into her.  By now I was nearing climax and I was withdrawing slowly and thrusting quickly and strongly into her – trying to time my thrusts so that when I came, I would be buried as deep in her as possible.  Waves of ecstasy were convulsing all around my groin and stomach and I began kissing, licking, gently biting her arched-out neck, her shoulders, her ears.  I sought out one breast at first and then the other – and squeezed them tightly and pulled and twisted and tweaked her hardened nipples.  I reached down and put one hand on her bum and squeezed it hard while pulling her even closer to me.

 To be continued…


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