Written by henryj

25 Aug 2009

We had contacted Brian through this site and after meeting up for a drink and a chat we booked a self catering cottage for a night on the following weekend.

I had to go back home to sort some things out so I dropped Sue off at the cottage at 5 o'clock and as I was driving away I met Brian driving up the lane.

I arrived back at 8.30 and as I looked through the glass pane on the front door I saw Brian leading Sue out of the bedroom. They were both naked and his large cock was standing to attention as they kissed in the hall.

I knocked on the door and Sue opened it still naked. "He's the best ride I ever had," she gushed. "We've done it three times and he still wants more".

Back in the living room they both settled on the couch and Sue progressed from wanking to sucking and finally letting him fuck her on the couch in front of me.

He came all over her face and, after she cleaned up they sat kissing while I took my cock out for a wank.

They went to bed shortly after that and I followed them into their room to watch him do her doggy style and her squeals echoed round the house as he slammed into her.

I shot my load as he came deep inside her.

"We're going to sleep for a while now," Sue said," so you go off to your room and you can watch us ride again in the morning".

I went to bed but got very little sleep as the sounds from the other room, as they fucked furiously, kept me awake.

They continued to see each other after that. Most Sunday afternons and Wednesday evenings we would meet Brian and he would take her off in his car for a few hours fucking. Sometimes I would be allowed to go along and watch and then take her home full of his spunk and tired out.