Written by PMac

16 Aug 2017

My wife "Mary" and I are in our late fifties but to be honest she looks about 45, keeps in great shape too, goes to the gym on a regular basis so she looks great. Over the years our sex life has been great too, but she admitted to me recently that she often wishes she had been a bit more adventurous before she met me as she never slept with another man and as we got married early she always had a slight regret. I've had a few in my time and even had a couple of brief affairs so I was a bit guilty about her missing out. We had the usual fantasy talk during sex and that was good for both of us. Then last Christmas we were out with a friend of ours and he was stopping over as he not living local, our kids are long gone so it was a good opportunity for me to see if she would go ahead with it. We all went to bed and as usual we started to have sex, she was quiet and said it was because she was afraid he would hear. I mounted her and started to fuck her hard, then when she was getting going I stopped, said I'll be back in a minute. I went downstairs and asked Joe if he wants to join us, he followed me up, I just got on her again and started back fucking her. Joe stood at the door watching us and no one said anything. I once again pulled out and nodded to Joe to take over, Mary said nothing, Joe just got between her legs and mounted her. I knew it was strange for her but I was kissing her as he fucked her. We took turns riding her, before both coming inside her.

What she told me last week shocked me, she was to meet me in town for a party and was at home when the lad that cuts the lawn came to cut it. She told him to call in for his money when he was done, he was taking longer than she thought and had started to get ready. When he rang the bell she was in a gown waiting to shower, he came in and she offered him a cold drink. She said her nipples were sticking out and were very visible, just like the effect it was having on him as it was obvious he was aroused. He is nineteen and plays sports, and she was flirting with him. She said she had to meet me and needed to shower, adding that "you look like you could use one too, a cold one!" She went in to the en suite and got in the shower, suddenly the door opens again and he is standing there naked, a large cock hanging between his legs. He stepped in beside her and started to kiss her neck, cupping her tits, soaping them and then running his hands all over her body making his way to her pussy. She grabbed his cock, it was now at full mast and rock hard. They went to the bed where he went between her legs eating her cunt, he then asked her to "suck my cock Mary ". She said she did and hadn't felt anything as hard for some time, she told him "I need it in me now, you don't need a rubber, I want to feel it and want you to fill me up with your juice ". He mounted her and fucked her solidly for half an hour in various positions before coming inside her doggy style. He told her she was a better ride than his 20 year old girlfriend and wants to fuck her again, I don't think there is any going back now that she has the taste for it.