Written by alo37

26 Sep 2014

this is my first time writing here so bare with me,my wife is 42 slim and good looking she doesnt wear tiny dresses or low cut tops but tight jeans and has lovely tiny tits,i see all my mates looking at her arse when we are out,we have a pretty normal sex life but i often ask her previous lovers,she was not very interested at first but after a few drinks and seeing how turned on i got she started to tell me while we fucked,her old boyfriend and how big his cock was,i took it further and asked would she fuck any of my mates,she said would only give two of them any thought,so we were in the bar one night and the two of them were there,after a few drinks i said jokinly she was to be good,it must have been on her mind cause after about 1 hour she went for a smoke when she wasnt back in about 15 minutes i went to join her,when i couldnt find her i went to the carpark and in the corner my mate was standing against the wall with his cock pumping into my wifes mouth i just stood still and watched,he lifted her up and was sucking on her tiny tits her nipples were rock hard,he stood her against the wall and her jeans were off in seconds and he started her cunt,she was fucking like ive never seen before,he pulled his cock out and pushed her head down and came in her mouth,i went back inside and when she returned and said she was talking to an old friend,we went home a few hours later and my other mate came with us as he was staying in dublin for the night in our house,had a few more drinks and she said she was getting ready for bed we protested and aked her to stay,just getting my pjs on was her reply,after about 10 mins she was back but wearing her little short silk nighty and dressing gown,i could see her nipples through the light fabric and so coul my mate,he just said wow you look hot and she replied you like,i like a lot he said and she laughed and went and sat beside him looked at me and said this is what you wanted am i right,i just nodded,with that she started rubbing his leg,i dont think he knew what was happening but didnt take long to react ,he pulled up her nighty and started licking her cunt i never heard her moan so loud,she told just fuck me now i want your cock inside me,she was a slut i couldnt belive it and i was loving it,she let him fuck any way he wanted and he came all over her tiny tits and face.What a night,my wife is a total slut and cant wait to see will she fuck a stranger.