Written by Young lad

20 Jun 2017

Recently I was doing some electrical work for a couple out side town. The weather was brilliant, it was really warm and humid. The woman (May) was at home, her husband was at work and their kids have left home. She was in the garden, wearing just a light summer dress, she came in to cool down and started to chat. I (24) was wearing just shorts and she started to flirt with me, saying "if I was 20 years younger " and so on, I was telling her she is a fine woman, which she is, about 55 and carrying a little extra weight but still very attractive. The cool breeze from the fan had made her nipples stand out like bullets, and with the chat and the warm weather she was getting very excited, she was perspiring and looked flushed. Suddenly she came up behind me and grabbed my crotch, I was hard and was trying to hide it but now I couldn't. She said " that feels nice, can I see it?", I mumbled about a girlfriend and her being married but she said " what harm can it do, we're both adults ", with that she pulled the top of her dress down, her big tits were free and looking at me. She then pulled my shorts down and my cock sprung free, she said "wow, that's a nice cock, can I touch it?", before I could answer she was pulling it, she dropped to her knees and started to suck me off. She took me to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed, again sucking my cock, and in fairness no one has sucked it as well. She then got up and took off her dress and panties and got on me in the 69 position. We were both lathered in sweat, she lowered her cunt on my face, it was musky but the juice dripping from it was sweet, the hair matted by her wetness. She worked her cunt on my face, coming on me as I worked my tongue into her. She got on me then and lowered her cunt down my cock, her big tits covered in sweat bouncing as she rode me hard. Soon she was coming again and I felt the heat of her juices as they flooded around my cock. She was shattered and rolled off me, panting beside me, I wanted to come now so I got between her legs, pushed my cock back into her cunt and started to fuck her as hard as I could, she was roaring and that drove me on, I felt close so I pulled out and started to wank over her belly. She shouted at me "no, come inside me, I want your load in me ", I pushed my cock straight back in, as soon as the head of my cock felt the heat of her cunt he started to erupt, she pulled me in and I continued to empty my balls inside her. After we talked and she said her husband has issues and hasn't fucked her for a while, she said maybe we could do it again sometime and I'm sure we will.