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2 Aug 2020

Why do men want to see there wife's fucked

It has to be bigger


3 minute read

Just reading one or two stories, I can see they are similar to my own. Which leaves me with questions. Not sure anyone could answer them but here's the story. I am married and I have one child and I'm 36 . My husband started asking me if I wanted to be with someone else in front of him to which I replied no but then he started to say that he wanted to see me with someone else and he begged me to do it for him. So I agreed. What I didn't know was he had found this guy from the place he works at. We met at a hotel and had a couple of drinks. My husband's friend was from spain , over 6 foot and extremely skinny not good looking at all. When my husband went to the toilet his kissed my neck and put his hand between my legs. This guy was a creep. When we got to the room my husband started to take my clothes off and got me naked as soon as my clothes where off the Spaniard was standing in front of me feeling me tits and lifting my ass cheek to see how tight everything was then he lay me down on the bed and put his tongue up my fanny. He spent all of 2mins doing that, then he stood up and started to undress. My husband told me to sit up. The Spaniard dropped his jeans and had no underwear on. I couldn't believe my eye's he was huge like ridiculous. He put his hand around the back of my head and fucked my mouth untill he exploded deep down the back of my throat. Nothing worse then warm come travelling down your throat. It was an hour before the Spaniard was able to go again. He just wanted me on my back with my two legs spread wide in the air. He pounded my poor fanny for well over an hour his sweat dripping down onto my face. My husband was pulling away at himself loving every minute of me getting pounded, eventually the Spaniard came again and when he pulled his cock out the condom had broken. My husband then got on top of me and came with in two minutes. An hour later he was begging me to fuck the Spaniard again but I just didn't want too. In the end I gave in this time it was doggy so I got to cum as well but it was difficult to take all his cock inside me but he was intent on trying to get his cock all the way in. The Spaniard was a real tit puller, my tits where raw from him slapping and pulling at them. I was glad after he shot his last load. Not sure how any girl does porn. After that my husband fell asleep the Spaniard opened up a bit. And he explained much to my horror he worked with my husband. And that my husband had asked what size his cock was. My husband had told him if he was lying about the size of his cock than he wouldn't let him fuck me. Now what is that all about could someone explain why is my husband getting off on someone fucking me with a dick double his size. Is this normal . Was my husband more interested in the cock on the nite or what I'm really confused. Maybe if I understood I might enjoy it more. No point asking him as he won't talk about it.

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