23 Nov 2015

I was out on Saturday morning taking my usual walk when as I was going by a car that was parked in on the verge I passed by the door opened a lady asked me if was would be able to help her telling me about what happened . I did take a look under the bonnet she turned on the key but no spark to start. I ask her had she contact anyone ,she say that her husband was away and she way on her way to the collect her mother in law when car stopped, she had tried to contact her local garage man but he was not answering the phone. I rang my own local to see if he would be able to come and get it going for her so I did not go any feather with my walk until Pa would arrive to help out the lady. It was about 25 minutes waiting and chatting about everything in general. We never met before this morning ,so just trying to fill in time chatting , Pa arrived and check the car and told her that he would need to take it back to the Garage. I walked back to my own home and I had offered the lady a cup of tea but she said no she need to get to her mother in laws so she would go back to Pa garage. I got home my own wife was gone with the children elsewhere so I did drink a tea and I went as far as Pa to see if he did fix the car for the lady , but she was not going to have a car on this Saturday so I offered to take to her mother in laws but she said no that she would prefer to go home and change the plan I drove her home to her house and the lady asked me in for something to eat telling me that there was no one at home I went in for the cup of tea and as she was making arrangements with a friend to collect her and the mother in law all going to meet the hubby at the airport,

I was about to leave for home when the phone rang back and her friend said that she will be there in 10 minutes as she was in the area. The lady was telling me about how good friends the two of them are and calling here Claire so I was kind of anxious to see this Claire . Yes with in the 10 minutes Claire did arrive , yes she was a stunner . When she walked in to the dinning room she did kiss the lady passionately on both lips and yes the lady gave tongue back. O fuck I was starting to rise. They both said a few words about the car and about arrangements when the lady asked me if I would like anything stronger than tea to drink and if I was comfortable Claire was wearing a tight fit skirt with a slit on the side nice pair of legs the lady M then squeezed my hand and asked me would I like to have some fun with both of them I said why not sure we will all be winners

By God we all went up stairs to a spare room so she told me and I just watched both of the women eat the fanny of each

other I was feeling so horny watching them I did pull my shaft and when I was about to blow Mary took me in her mouth and yes did thank me for brining her home

We all intend again to repeat the dose