Written by TKMax

16 May 2014

This is a true account of what happened after a very good night on the town. It was Xmas and the party scene was in full swing, I was at my work do which was a no partner party. I had planned to meet my partner Sarah after and head home together, she is a very attractive lady with a body built for sex, big nipples on beautiful big tits and a tight pussy that gets very very wet when it wants attention. We always have great sex after our nights out but I feared that tonight was not going to happen as one of my work mates had asked to stay at mine, I thought it would be just more drinking and then fall asleep. When we arrived at mine my buddy said he had enough to drink and would hit the hay, so we decided to do the same. Pretty soon Sarah was stroking my cock and it didnt take long for him to realise he was in for some fun, I was a little worried about being heard by my mate but Sarah said Im sure he wont mind. Lust took over and I started to suck on Sarahs tits as she continued to work on my now rock hard cock, I fingered her pussy and it was so wet and juicy I had to get my mouth in there to taste those juices.Sarah went in the 69 position and started giving my cock a good sucking.

Pretty soon I couldnt resist and had to start fucking her pussy, Sarah is very loud and wont hold back so she started to come and I could feel her hot juice flooding around my cock. As for me, well the drink had me in a way I could fuck for hours without coming.

Sarah went to get a drink and as she passed my mates door she saw that he was pumping his fat cock, he had heard us fucking and was horny then too. "Shame to waste that" Sarah said as she kept going, when she returned she once again mounted my cock and was so turned on by what she saw, she was describing the scene when my mate appeared and stood watching as she fucked my cock. Sarah just put out her hand and my mate Bill walked towards her, she reached out and took hold of his cock, she guided him to her mouth and she sucked him as I fucked her. I then went back to eating her out again as she sucked his cock,It was fat and had a big helmet that she loved and wanted in her pussy. I gave way and watched as she straddled him and that big helmet pushed its way into her wet pussy, I put my cock in her mouth and as she sucked me it was too much for Bill and he unloaded his seed deep in her pussy. Watching him come inside her had me going too so I slipped my cock back up her and it didnt take long for me to add my load to his, as I withdrew from her my cum covered cock was followed by a river of our combined cum. Bill was ready again and mounted her missionary and once again pumped more come into her pussy, I took her in the doggy position and after a long hard fucking I unloaded again into her now overflowing pussy, all the while Bill was just waiting beside me, stroking his cock, waiting for his chance. As I pulled out Sarah said "Bill, I want that fat cock in my pussy again", he duly obliged as the cum dripped from her hot pussy. "Fuck me harder" she screamed as she pushed back on his cock. He kept pumping her at high speed until once again he blew his load into her.

At this stage it was getting bright outside,we chatted for a while with Sarah between us in the bed and as I drifted off to sleep in Sarahs arms I could feel the motion as Bill forced his fat cock up Sarahs pussy from behind in the spoon position,he gave a few short thrusts and came again before slipping out and returning to his own bed. I awoke in the morning and fucked Sarah again and left my load on her tits, I think her pussy had more than enough!!