Written by TKMax

19 Sep 2016

Sara and I were on a weekend break and staying in a nice hotel, we got chatting to a few locals and were having a good time. One guy was being called little Joe and Sara asked why, his friends said it was a joke about his cock as he was well hung. I knew Sara was intrigued now and getting horny, even if it was early, as the drinks flowed I asked Joe if he would come to our room and service Sara, he of course said yes so we went up straight away.

Sara was really excited about having his big cock in her, this was going to be pure sex. I stripped Sara off and laid her on the bed, I went down on her to get her ready, but she was wet, willing and waiting. As I ate her out Joe watched and stripped, Sara watched as his massive cock came into view. They weren't lying, it was massive as it hung between his legs. Sara got off the bed and knelt before him, she took it in both hands and started to wank it, all of a sudden it grew to its full potential. It was at least 11 inches, uncut and when she pulled back the foreskin it revealed a massive head. Sara did her best to get it in her mouth, she kissed it and licked it and had it ready to enter her. She laid on the bed and spread her legs, Joe wanted to taste her first and after eating her he positioned himself to enter her. He pushed the head of his cock in between her pussy lips, he gently edged it in, I watched as he forced his monster cock into my wife's tight little cunt. Sara has had big cocks before, but nothing like this, she roared as he entered her, but it was with pleasure. Eventually he had it all in, he was fucking her hard now, pulling out before driving it deep in again and his balls slapping of her arse. When she was used to taking it he wanted to fuck her doggy style, again she roared and grabbed the sheets as he fucked her really hard. He held her hips as he pumped her, she was screaming and coming as he said he was ready to come, I watched as he tensed up, his sack tighten, and I knew he was filling my wife's cunt with his cum. After a brief rest and shower we went down to the bar again, Sara was buzzing after taking it like a pro, we've invited Joe to stay in ours sometime and I know Sara can't wait.