20 Jun 2016

Last weekend Sara and I decided to have a break and headed to Dublin for a night. We planned to just spend time alone together and after a day shopping we had dinner in a nearby restaurant. We went to a pub close to the hotel and had a few drinks, it was busy and we were having a great time. Sara returned from the smokers area with a young guy in tow, his name was Paul and he was part of a stag party. At first I didn't think much of it but after a while I could tell Sara was getting ideas, I knew by her banter and that glint in her eye. Paul had made a big impression on her, he was a really nice guy, and after I told him about our open lifestyle he seemed to relax and get more flirty in conversation. Sara asked if I wanted to go back on our own as planned, but I knew she wanted Paul too so said whatever she wants is good with me. We asked Paul if he was up for it and he said he'd love to but didn't want to leave his buddy on his own as the stags had moved on, the more the merrier was Sara's response so after finding Sean we all headed back to the hotel. Once in the room Sara started kissing Paul and feeling his cock through his trousers, I stood behind her and took off her blouse and bra, Paul felt her tits as I continued to strip her, leaving her naked in front of them. Sean just watched as Sara stripped Paul, releasing his hard cock and taking it in her mouth. She got up and led him to the bed by his cock, she lay on the bed and Paul got beside her, feeling her tits as she sucked his cock. I motioned to Sean to undress, and after we were all naked I spread Sara's legs and invited Sean to take her. He played with her pussy before he started to eat it, all the time Sara was sucking Pauls cock while feeling his balls. Sara started to wank Pauls cock saying she needs to be fucked, Sean looked at me for approval and I nodded so he got between her legs, rubbing his cock on her slit before forcing his fat cock into her tight pussy. It's a great feeling to fuck someone with your buddy, and this was apparent as Paul started to moan louder as he watched Sean fuck her pussy hard. Sara was wanking Paul and sucked him just as he blew his load. This had a knock on affect on Sean, looking at Sara with Paul's cum dripping from her mouth, he too started to moan and after a few short hard strokes he emptied his load inside her. They both watched as I took my turn, putting Sara on all fours, and with cum dripping from her pussy I slid into her and fucked her hard until I gave her my load as well. Sara got cleaned up and we chatted, but I knew Sara wanted Paul's cock inside her, so after a while she pushed him back on the bed and sucked him back to hardness before getting on top of him, sliding down his cock and riding him hard. Paul asked if he could finish her doggy style, and he pumped her hard until shooting his cum up her pussy. When he got off Sean fucked her again as did I, she was well and truly fucked by these two young guys. So much for a quiet break.