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Wedding Gift

"Her Panties..."

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Went to a wedding in Wexford pre covid pandemic. The groom was a friend of my mine and invited my wife and I. We have kids and busy lives with work, sports, kids etc so decided we'd go as we deserved to let the hair down for a night. With the kids minded and a night away ahead of us, we couldn't get to the church quick enough! I was wearing your typical wedding suit and my wife a bright red dress with heels and she looked sexy. Underneath she had on a thong and matching bra which I had got her fro La Senza previously. A lovely sunny day in Wexford and after the church we retreated to the hotel for the reception. As the booze flowed after the formalities and the music started, we were chatting to various people and I noticed my wife in conversation for ages at the bar with a guy called Pat I recognised as a friend of the groom's from GAA. He was single and had also been on the stag weekend. The night wore on, people were dancing and the drink had really kicked in. My wife was in good spirits and I gave her an observation on my part that she had an admirer. She laughed it off and said he was good looking alright and if she was back in her single days she might have considered going off with him. It was clear she liked the attention she had got from Pat. Far from being in anyway insecure I thought this was a sexy thing for her to say. At the end of the night when we were just about to head to our room I saw that Pat and a gang of lads were in for a late night and heading to the residents bar. We were saying goodbye to people and just about to leave when I gave my wife a dare. I told her to go into the ladies toilet and take off her thong and before we go to give it to Pat who she had been talking to earlier. She smiled and said really? I said yeah do it! Anyway she tipped off into the ladies and came back a few minutes later and said a few more goodbyes. I saw her say goodnight to Pat and in doing so I say her pass something to him discreetly before walking away. I could see by the look on his face he knew what it was. My wife and I then left the function room and got into the lift and first chance I got I put my hand under her skirt and confirmed she had no panties on. She was wet aswell so I slipped two fingers into her until the lift door was about to open. Back in the room we had sex twice. She was so turned on about giving her parties to that guy and I was equally as turned on. We had sex again the following morning. As we were checking out the following morning, Pat coincidentally was in the reception area and my wife exchanged glances with him but that was it. The look on his face said it all. It was all a bit of harmless fun.....

Written by Husband in Awe

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