Written by Open minded

14 Aug 2013

Was at a wedding this weekend just gone. The usual full day drinking event.

After the DJ started I started thinking I hadn't seen my wife for a while but knew of her fondness for a social ciggie so I went for a look around the smoking area outside. She is a petite with full tits, blonde and a sense for "mis-adventure" with good looks.

As I wandered around outside I walked over to where 2 of the tourist buses were parked side by side where I could here some noises. Between them down near the end I could see mobile phone lights and voices of people obviously messing around. not one to miss an opportunity I moved around to the back of the bus and watched as there was my wife bent over taking it hard as she tried to balance in her high heels whilst getting her mouth down onto the cock of the young lad in front of her. Dress down around her ass, titts swinging everywhere and 2 young men having an end each to play with.

Strangely I was hard and started to stroke myself, the young lads both tipped their loads in her and as I walked up to them, the young lads scappered as she cooly put her thong into position that had been pulled to one side for speed and ease of access. I wasn't going to have anyone's sloppy seconds so she finished me off by standing behind me, wanking me and telling me she loved what just happened whilst I shot the load.

When we went up to the room later on I suggested we shower together which she readily agreed to and just before the water was turned on I stood beside her and urinated against her pussy and watched as it flowed down around her legs and splashed on the tiles.