Written by jenny

5 May 2017

Have been with my husband since I was 21 . 12 years , he is great except for sex . I only had 2 encounters before him . Both were with inexperienced men . No orgasm with either . My husband won't talk about sex and only does it missionary position with the lights off . He could last 10mins or 20 tops . Never bothered me before but as I get older I feel like I've missed out . I masturbate regularly but i wanted to experience an organism during sex. My friend in work advised me to have a night out and a one nite stand . Yea right . But I couldn't stop thinking about it . Fast forward 8 months . Myself and my best friend staying in hotel in maynooth . We have some bar food and a couple of drinks. 2 guys from Dublin ask if they can join us . Of course we said no but after a few joke's and a bit of messing they were buying us drinks . They weren't the best looking clearly married and out for a one nighter. We are having a good laugh until conversation gets a bit naughty and my friends explodes, big fight in the lobby " they are a pair of dirty bastard s " she shouts . She heads to bed and i stand in the lobby wondering what to do . I was way out of these guys league but they seemed ok and I might not be out like this for another year . Fuck it . Mind made up .back into bar were the smaller one of the two corners me off for himself his friend gets the message and fucks off. After no time at all he pops the question " do you want to head upstairs" (nice) why not . We get up there and he is all over me my clothes are off before I can think and he starts undressing himself aswell. I'm hoping he is going to slow down . His boxers come down and I'm disappointed it's like looking at my husband's. He turns me over and start s licking my ring not for me but what the hell then he turns me over and attacks my tits the whole time telling me how gorgeous I am still 90 miles an hour . Then he goes back downstairs and starts to lick me out. " yes lick that pussy you little fucker lick lick lick I grad his head and force his mouth into my clit I'm really getting into this and making all the right sounds when he stop s lies down beside me and says "your turn " what a little wanker the hour and a half consisted of me sucking his dick and getting fucked at 100 miles an hour every which way . My legs were sore being behind my head and my pussy was getting tender from him pounding on it . He even tried to stick it up my hole . "No way soldier" he eventually came after losing a stone in sweat but to my horror the condom had broke " fuck fuck fuck . To drunk to think so fell asleep. Next morning smurf is up first all over me "no fuckin way pal " once bitten "please just a quick one a blow job or even a hand job please anything. We settled on a hand job but of he started to rub my clit when he got the chance and before I knew it I was getting pounded again. After what seemed an age I told him to hurry up and don't cum inside me . " I'm nearly there " "I'm nearly there " whet on for an hour he then pulled me to the corner of the bed and stood up at the end of it and turned me on my side with my legs spread facing the door he then put his hand on my face and pushed it in the opposite direction. He was getting louder and louder and I was sure I heard someone at the door " I'm coming it's coming".don't cum inside me . Another 5 mins "fuck sake" then he came " in fuckin side me " I pushed him off me only to see his friend from the bar standing in the door way "what the fuck " how long are you there" I grabbed a pillow to cover myself " "this is my room you slut now fuck off out " smurf lay there in all his glory laughing "she's a good ride I tell you that " "yea she looks it" "some tits " this was the conversation between the two . I jumped up and ran into the bathroom to wash the cum from my vigina and course his friend follow me in and started to have a piss " is your cunt full up" " get out" "this is my bathroom" I turned around and in all my glory and shouted " get the fuck out of here " he grad my arm and turned me around and slapped me so hard on the ass he had one of my ass cheeks in his hand with his finger resting on my asshole and index finger in my pussy . "Slut" he whispered and went back inside . I got my clothes and pulled them back into the bathroom of course my bra and panties were gone . " bastard s" I left the room and headed back to my own room to my best friend had gone . All I wanted was nice sex instead I got a little Shit head who was out for himself and I wasn't strong enough to get what I wanted. After weeks of worry and guilt I strangely look back the experience and masturbate over the bathroom situation all the time . I wish he had bent me over the toilet and fucked me . When I stood up straight not covering myself one bit I think I was trying to provoke him into fucking. I remember looking at his cock at a couple of times as he pissed he was a big boy and I'm sure I wanted him to fuck me . That's all I can get off on now.