19 Nov 2019

Few years ago I had been chatting to a woman on here for a few weeks. She was married and was only looking soft fun so one day she messaged me to say she would be passing my area and ask me if I was horny. So after exchanging messages for a wile she asked how adventurous was I and would I be up for a challenge so naturally I was intrigued and asked her what she had in mind few minutes pass then I get a message to go to a certain car park and get my cock out and start wanking and she would come in and watch me. So I agreed went to carpark started wanking and car pulls up beside me with a woman in it and I thinking it’s her wank away until i cum she watched then drove away after few minutes. Then to my surprise I get a text saying that she will be 10 minutes late so I’m thinking who has just watched me wank I’m nervous and excited now as well then I had to wank all over again for woman I agreed to meet. That day has led to me enjoying out on a show for ladies and couples.

Tags: exhibition