Written by Lifeofkwee

25 Aug 2017

Walking in Kilrush woods I found myself catching up with a woman in an orange dress. I slowed down to stay behind and admire her beautiful behind. She stopped to look up at the trees. I stopped next to her, we engaged in a bit of small talk. Sex appeal was oozing from her, not a beautiful woman, but definitely attractive. I got cheeky, used some sexual innuendo. She blushed a bit but laughed and even seemed to get closer to me. "I have a strong inclination to kiss you" I said. Whilst she stood in shocked silence I slowly took her in my arms. My hands explored her body as my tongue explored her mouth. She wasn't wearing a bra, but I could trace my fingers around her tiny thongs. Taking her by the hand I led her into a dense, secluded part of the woods. I unbuttoned her dress holding her small but perfect breasts. Her nipples were strong and hard. She placed her hand across the front of my trousers, slowly enclosing her fingers over my cock. We were kissing hard and furiously. Both of us had a lot of pent up sexual energy to use up but she pulled away looking round. I told her not to worry and undid the rest of the buttons on her dress, kneeling down I removed her panties and kissed her legs, licking and sucking and biting her pussy whilst she purred. Using my fingers and my tongue she gushed into my mouth, the sweetest honey tasting cum I've ever tasted.

We fucked afterwards, but I've never enjoyed pleasuring a woman so much in my life.