14 Apr 2020

Haven’t been on here in a while but still having lots of fun as my wife’s sex needs are constantly needing attention . Tinder has led to many one night stands for her but I’m always in the room is the deal as she loves getting pumped and more so with me watching which I’m happy with as I enjoy watching her having fun and I often get to join in . As from before it’s young men my wife craves and recently we had an interesting time in Ballybunion of all places .

Just as the Covid was kicking off we said we’d head for a walk to ballybunion beach to pass a Saturday afternoon . We arrived and were doing our walk in the beach when my wife remembered she had her tinder profile online , sometimes this can be awkward as we know of a few local lads she’s not interested in on it .

Turns out as she looked at it on the phone on the beach she had a few matchs from ballybunion area . As mentioned before my wife is mid 40s , carrying a small bit of condition but always has a trimmed pussy and some of the skimpiest gstrings and bras you could imagine . Her profile seeks 18-25 fit and well hung young men .

She looked through the profiles matching and was immediately drawn to a 19 year old bloke who looked to fit the bill in his sports shorts etc . She messaged and before you knew it she was getting a call . Turns out he was staying with 2 friends in his parents mobile home up near the church . She was definitely getting horny at this stage and she was on for the ride . She explained she’d be up for fun but her husband would have to be in the room to watch . He was cool with this but said his friends were going to be a problem for him . My wife quizzed him about them looks etc and she suggested the three of them could have some fun with her if he didn’t mind . I’d say she was creaming thinking of what lay in store and I certainly was getting excited . It was agreed anyways that we’d meet at the SuperValu in half an hour and he’d bring us back to the mobile home .

We headed back to the car and my wife pulled out her handbag which always has some gstrings and her bullet vibrator in it . She managed to change in front seat of car and we drive up to car park . Soon after a young lad in sports shorts , jersey etc arrived and he was our man . He was friendly and happy looking , he was a young looking 19 and you could see his cock was rock hard underneath the shorts at the thoughts of what was ahead .

We walked up to mobile home park which was quite and then headed into a plush enough mobile home . The other two lads were there and a bit sheepish looking but my wife had a quick hello with all and made sure everyone was comfortable . They were all 18-19 years of age and told my wife they had sex a good few times but were keen to ride a milf . She explained I might ride her when their finished but she and I are happy for me to watch her getting shafted .

We all went into the main bedroom which was a bit tight but we squeezed in . Two of the lads were blond , one taller than the other with the other black haired . All looked very fit and clearly played a lot of sport with them all stripping down to their gaa shorts with all well toned . My wife stripped down to a yellow g string she had which just about covered her pussy lips and goes right up the cheeks of her ass . She had a black see through bra on which was showing very erect nipples . The taller of the blond lads made the first move kissing my wife with his tongue going deep into her mouth , the other two also started kissing my wife’s back and one of them quickly clipped open her bra which saw the kisser switch his attention to her breasts , the black haired young lad starting kissing my wife then as she dropped her hand on the third bloke putting her hand inside his togs to release his cock which was rock hard , he slipped off his togs and red boxers as she starting stroking his cock up and down with her hand she had wet with spit .

The other two also removed their togs and boxers leaving my wife with 3 cocks to try and manage , she used her hand on all three before she told one of the lads to sit on her face and the other two to go to each side . She then handled a cock with either hand as she stated tea bagging the balls of the lad sitting on her . The dirty bitch then started sticking her tongue up his young hole which he was loving . Conscious not to make him come she asked them to change positions it wasn’t long before she had rimmed the three young lads and had sucked the balls off the three of them .

My wife loves sucking cocks and deepthroat , she says she needs to feel the balls against her chin when she’s sucking cock .

One of them was uncut which my wife loves and she was sucking his knob mad and sticking her tongue into his foreskin . The room was certainly getting hot at this stage and I had my cock out too doing well not to pull myself off looking at what was in front of me . All three had cocks 7-8 inches and thick looking , my wife gave some other head to all three before she went doggy style on the bed asked the shorter blond to lick her ass hole as he pulled off her yellow g string . He was like a dog licking her hole before she turned on the bed with her legs apart in the missionary position . She then announced that she wanted to have a multiple cream pie in her pussy .

But first she was going to tease them as she pulled out her bullet vibrator and started teasing her now prominent clit . The buzzing of the vibrator and the moaning from my wife had the three young lads like dogs with their cocks steel hard up against their belly buttons . After what seemed like an age she ordered them to get fucking her one after another . The shorter youngest looking blond guy wasted no time sticking his thick cock with a very large knob straight into my wife’s sopping cunt , she moaned as he fucked her like a steam engine . It was quite a site with her legs up in the air and this young arse going up and down , the other young lads I thought were going to stick their cock up his hole as they waited behind him and were dripping pre cum from their cocks . Number one eventually moaned and shot his load deep in my wife’s pussy . He was quickly pulled off her as the black haired guy wanted his ride . You could just see the first guys come dripping out of my wife’s shaved pussy as the next climbed on her , he seemed to have a longer cock with two very full looking balls , he fucked my wife very hard with the mobile home shaking a bit and her lifting her legs further in the air to get the full length deep in her pussy . My wife was fucking hopping at this stage roaring to be fucked hard and I knew she wasn’t far off coming at this stage as her hands gripped his arse hard as she was making sure to get every last inch into her . She finally blew then as she stuck her nails into the cheeks of his arse , the young lad also blew his load as my wife scratched his arse cheeks deep enough with her nails . He had fine scrape marks after her .

He got off her and you could clearly see the cum dripping out of her pussy with two loads in her now , the taller blond though wasn’t hanging around and he had his knob lined up at my wife’s pussy lips before she knew it , she was still panting heavy after cumming but he stuck his cock straight into her and started fucking her hard , she was panting hard after cumming but after a minute or two she started to get going again . This bloke looked to know what he was doing and pulled his cock right out a number of times making my wife lift her hips up to his cock a few times , he started biting her nipples which seemed to drive her mad , he definitely lasted the longest fucking my wife for a good ten minutes before with a massive thrust he shot his load deep in my wife’s pussy .

I was fucking on the verge of cumming myself watching all this but as he got off her there was cum flooding out of my wife’s pussy and I jumped on her to give her a fourth load of spunk , I lasted no time on her as I exploded my cum into her . The sweat was pumping out of my wife as the 5 of us lay in a heap on the double bed . My wife told us she never got as much cock in a hour and the cum was running down her leg , the first rider then went down on my wife slurping up the cum before he came up and kissed her , spitting cum into her mouth which she fucking loved the dirty bitch .

All were getting excited again but the original tinder guy announced his mother was on her way down from limerick to collect them so unfortunately we’d have to leave it at that for now but he asked my wife to save his number if we wanted a repeat . We all got dressed and after a few minutes small chat myself and the wife made our way out of the mobile home . Just as well because as were walking out of mobile home park a jeep turned in and as we looked back it was one of the lads mothers not much older than my wife maybe late forties going into the mobile home I wonder what would have happened if she’d arrived half an hour earlier !