Written by TITAN79

26 Apr 2010

Waking, I realise your still curled into me as you were when we finally drifted off last night, I feel your warmth against me, your hand reassuringly laid across my chest, I run My hand slowly down along your spine and you move slightly, the curve of your bum the only undulation as my hand slides slower, gently strumming my fingertips along the back of your legs you open them slightly, teasingly inviting my touch?..or maybe just a unconscious movement!

I start to kiss your neck lightly as you stir more, and I hear the soft words of 'hey you' and a sexy little smile. I kiss your forehead and pull you closer to me. You start to run your fingers through my chest hair, lightly teasing my nipples with the tips of your nails, I groan and you reply with a sexy 'hmmmmm' I continue to lightly trace the tip of my finger around your delicate bum, you shiver with the touch and crawl onto me, Kissing my chest as you do, then our lips meet and you kiss me, as I caress your bum and stroke your back, you slide down along my torso, kissing a delicate trail all the way down, the kisses so light they're like butterfly wings, lower...lower still, you trace the trail with your lips until I feel your hot breath on My cock, I run my fingers along your neck, you suck the head of my cock in and start to tease the end with your tongue. Your moans vibrating through my body as you feel my hands caressing your neck and shoulder. Lying back lazily I enjoy your ministrations as you suck me deeper, your moans confirm yet again you love my cock in your mouth, worshipping, stroking the base of it, your wet hot mouth making me take deep breaths of pleasure. I'm always horny in the morning, and the anticipation is getting too much for me, so reluctantly I coax you away from your play thing, you give a slight whimper of distain as I roll out gently beside me, your ass pushes against my crotch, I feel the heat of you as you wiggle your bum invitingly at me, you grind back against me, in an effort to lure me in....you know only too well at this early hour and in this state I'm a bit of a push over, I gently direct the head towards your pussy, slipping gently Inside you , you rock back against me, i wrap my free arm around your chest and gently tug your nipples as I slowly build a rhythm..no urgency or frantic thrusting like last night...nice slow movements, the lingering of my cock as it slowly moves in and out draws out your pleasure and you moan reassuringly, I could do this for ages.....just relaxed and no rush, building and building......mmmmmm