2 Jan 2017

As I said we both made arrangements to meet again and on our first real meet we were both excited and were afraid of things going badly. We meet behind closed doors at a location with in our own locality on an early morning that no one would expect anyone around.

I took the lead by placing my lips on her lips as I pulled her close to me . yes she did respond and I did say to her I am second best as she would much prefer to be with the son of mine she was interested all those years back, she said never mind he is not here , (it is you so forget it) I then went for the jugglar as she was demanding what she was here for .

I got the tits out of the bra o fuck what a good size pair and standing hard nipples , I started to twist them in between my first finger and thumb and she was gasping for breath as we also kissed.

I bit her lower lip and went down around her neck on to the ears , yes she was at ease with me moaning and I was at boiling point ,she opened my pants and caught my shaft and push her hand up and down it and gave it the odd pull .

We both then started to really get hot and stripped each other as quickly as possible

just took a look at each other and I did ask the question are we both interested in going the full way , she told me please fuck me and I did reply yes I want to get that weapon inside your hot fanny.

She laid back against a worktop as I entered her and spreading her legs wide apart she took me in hands around my waist saying 'give it to me' so we did make each other happy and as we were near finishing I asked her had she any regrets , yes if we do not meet again was the answer.

So we do meet on a regular basics and just before Christmas she popped another question to me if I was interested in further fun