27 Dec 2016

I happened to come across a woman who was very interested in one of my sons all those years back when both were about 18 years old. I was out one night when she came up to me and asked how was I keeping, to be honest I did not know her but you know the way when in doubt keep asking few different questions and something will drop to put you on the right track.

Any way chatting away about all those years past ,I found out that she was a single parent to an teenage son, after all the chat we both exchanged numbers.

Few weeks past and I did make contact by text to her then rang and agreed to meet for a coffee one lunchtime, every thing went well in conversation and after confirmation that she was disappointed that she never dated my son, I said it was a pity that I was not his age at the time or even today not her age. she replied what is age to do with it , I said that I take it you would like some one ur own age group , she said not really . I had to go back to work any we agreed to meet again.

we did meet again but had to be discrete as both families know each other living about 6 miles apart in a county location.

more to come