6 Oct 2019

This happened when i was married but now seperated , a good few years ago now . Ciara was a lesbian. When we were introduced, my husband told me that she was. I'd known other lesbians throughout my life but there was something different about her. We hit it off immediately and became the best of friends. Whenever my husband and I got the chance to go and hang out at our local pub ,Ciara was there as part of the group of friends that meet up but not too regulary .We'd dance and drink and have a great time just being together as friends. My husband and I would often talk about inviting new people into our sexual lives and the first woman who always popped into my mind was Ciara. There had always been times when she would look at me with her deep, dark eyes and smile at me in an extra special way with her sweet, soft mouth that made me think there could possibly be more than just a friendship. My husband had never really thought about a sexual encounter with her, he'd known her since they were kids and she was kinda like a family member to him, and was. always on the in ite list to our gettogeathers ,but of course. One drunken night i told him how attracted I was to her so he left me go with my fantasies. It wasn't until a few years later that things finally started progressing toward making my fantasy a reality. It was our annual christmas party meet up and Ciara was telling me about how she had just left her job and needed to find a new one. I told her she should come and work with me since my company i was with are always looking for new staff. She said that would be great and the next week we were working together side by side. Finally I could start the ball rolling and possibly talk her into a threesome. It didn't take long before we were closer than ever, my husband came around to the idea of our first thressome being with Ciara and said if I could figure it all out he'd go along. After all, he'd finally get to see me with another woman, what man wouldn't want to see that? The plans are made, St stephens night the three of us are going out drinking! We spend the night having a great time, the alcohol made everyone's inhibitions fly right out the window. When we find ourselves back at our house I inviteCiara up to our bedroom, she accepts with no ammount of hesitation as My husband and I lead her upstairs. As soon as the door shuts, she embraces me with the most passionate kiss. A kiss that's been waiting several years in the making. It didn't take long before clothes were being ripped off with savage aggression and our bodies fall intertwined down onto the unmade bed. Her soft, warm nipples taste like honey as I flick them with my tongue and suck them to make them hard. She starts sucking on my neck sending electric tingles all through my body. I feel my pussy getting wet and My husband starts fingering me making the sensation ten times better. Her hands are swarming all over my body, caressing, touching, feeling and teasing every square inch of flesh. I find her clit and start rubbing, discovering that she is already soaked. She informs us that she likes to be the one in control so my husband retreats to the chair opposite the bed, content to just watch his wife be ravaged by another horny female. We kiss some more, our tongues molding and forming to one anothers, hands massaging and playing with breasts and nipples. Then Sheila goes in for the kill. Her fingers find my wet oozing cunt and dives right in. O GOD the feeling! One finger, in and out and then two, fast and rythmic pushing up and further into my cervix. Four fingers inside me now she starts twisting them until she finds the g-spot, finger-fucking it repeatedly. I feel an uncontrollable spasm come over me. Faster and faster she flicks her fingers and then pulls out and I squirt a big beautiful stream of cum all over the bed! My first time squirting, EVER! We all laugh as Ciara and I start again. It's not long before her talented fingers find their target once again. The orgasims are intense, I moan with excited pleasure as I look over to see My husband stroking his long throbbing cock. Ciara goes down on me to start licking up all the sweet juices flowing from my soaking pussy with her tongue. Her expertise just astounds me, she knows just where to touch and just the right amount of pressure to put on my g-spot to send my orgassms into overdrive. I lose count of how many times I came as she slows down and starts playfully biting at my nipples. She smiles at me and looks over at my husband I'll leave you two to finish." she says. With one last long, passionate kiss she takes her clothes and departs the bedroom. My husband comes over to the bed where I'm panting like a dog. His already rock hard cock finds it's home and another wave of orgasims sweeps through my body as he pumps in and out hitting my g-spot over and over again. He turns me over into the doggy position and inserts his cock into my ass, slowly and steady he goes in and out, in and out and another squirt escapes my pussy lips. With one final thrust he cums inside my ass as we collapse in a sweaty cum drenched pile on our soaking wet bed. He kisses my shoulders and asks if I had a good time. "Are you kidding me? That was incredible!" I say as we turn and kiss some more. "I'm so glad we did this." "I am too! That was so fucking hot!" he says, "We're definitely asking her over more often now!" We share a laugh and a kiss and hold each other as we drift off to sleep.