Written by WildWife

28 Aug 2016

My husbands friend got married last year and it was the usual two night affair. We were sharing a cottage with one of husbands friends, Brian. The night before the wedding we got changed and headed to the local pub for the pre wedding reception. It was there that I got introduced to Shane, he used to work with my husband but now lives in Australia. At first I wasnt attracted to him but I was intrigued for some reason. All night he kept looking at me, occasionally grinning. I found myself smiling back. As last orders were being called my husband invited everyone back to our cottage. Most wanted an early night but Shane was keen to come back. It ended up being myself, hubby, Brian and Shane back in the cottage. Brian went to bed straight away and hubby decided to get some drinks from the fridge. It was then that Shane made his move. He came and sat beside me on the couch. What happened next really set the scene. My husband came back with just two drinks and left them on the coffee table, said goodnight and retired to bed in his drunken state. I couldnt leave Shane alone, it would have been rude. So I decided to stay up for a few drinks. We chatted for a bit, slowly moving closer. The tension between us was unreal. Eventually he put his arm around me but still didnt make a serious move. I was so horny at this stage that I decided to put us out of our anguish. I leaned in, held his face and kissed him. He looked at me and then down my blouse. As he made back to my face he had that same grin on his face. He pulled me towards him and began groping me all over, my breasts, my hips, my ass and then my pussy. He had me moaning gently. All I could think of was my hubby and Brian in their beds, could they hear us? What would they think? This drove me wild. In moments we were naked, his cock in my mouth. His cock was seriously big. Then came the problem, no condom. Out of sheer desire I sneaked into our room completely naked and took a condom from my hubbys bag. I kind of figured he would have one, given we were away from home. Shane seemed even harder when I got back down stairs. He began fucking me from behind on the couch and boy did I enjoy it. He was so rough. Between pulling my hair and my nipples, he had me feeling like a right slut. At one stage I tried to take control by pushing my pussy hard against his cock but he just pushed back harder. I came atleast twice, the second time my legs physically shook around him. When he was done with me, I lay there in a sweat as he watched some TV and finished his drink. He got dressed and fell asleep on the couch we fucked on. I snuck up to bed with hubby. The next morning the four of us had breakfast together, everyone was slagging Shane as he slept on the couch and he must have been so drunk. Little did they know he was having the last laugh. We all went to the wedding that day and occasionally Shane would grin at me. It brought me right back to the night before, I could actually feel myself getting a little horny. I got close to him that day but nowhere near as close as we had the night before. It just made me want him even more. As we packed for home, I took out the blouse I had worn the night he fucked me, I didnt realise at the time but he must have cum a little on me as there was a stain down the front of my blouse. Atleast I went home with something to remind me of that night.