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Unexpected surprise


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Long time ago me and my partner were invited to wedding in a really nice hotel so we decided to make a bit of a weekend about it so stay Friday wedding Saturday and home on Sunday Friday came and few drinks with artner and bed nothing to exciting wedding day few things to day get hairr and makeup done and dressed nice comfortable underwear matching white thong and see through lace bra with a white and green dress we're if you looked long enough you could see through and make out my nipples, long day lot of drink has been drank and partner not a big drinker at the end of night got tired and was feeling the pace of us all there were a few of the guys we no sitting with us one of the guys was Alan Nice fit guy and always had time to talk to me anyway mr had enough and was wrecked and said I'm heading up you can follow me up when your finished I said OK and gave him a peck on the cheek, I must have spent about another 45 to 1 hr there only 4 of us left at the tae Alan being one of them I decided I needed to head up so said my goodnight off I went into the lift got up to my room and was knocking on the door no answer I was getting a bit frustrated in this little corner of the hotel 4 rooms with a door separating us from every other room as I banged on the door I heard the other door on the landing li turned and there stood Alan omg what are you doing here he walked over and grabbed me against the wall and started to kiss me hard I don't know what happened but I didn't stop him I dropped my bag his hands were all over me at this stage I could feel how hard he was omg he was huge I didn't think I was able for it I unzipped his zipper and his cock hit me straight in the face he held my head just we're I could see it before saying open your mouth you now you want it then he slowly pushed it into my mouth before I then took over and began my own rhythm he then began to get faster in his movement and with every trust it was going deeper into my mouth till I couldn't take it anymore he then lay on the floor and said to me get on it I'm gonna fuck you I climbed onto his hard cock and lowered myself down felt like it was coming up and out of my mouth and one stage but it was good really good he was fucking me hard now while on top and had my tits in his mouth and sucking on my nipples which I love massive turn on for me he had me soaking wet he then asked me to stand up and bend over I'm gonna take you from behind I did as he said he was fucking me from behind and had a hold of my hair nearly wrapped around his hand but with every trust I could feel wet dripping down onto my legs he then did something I wasn't expecting he took his cock out and put it in my ass I lasted 30 seconds before I came and he then took it out and put it in my mouth on my knees again and he was about to cum and I told him to come on my tits all over them and so my request was being meet he let out a moan that would wake the neighbours as his load woukd shot all over me and down my tits and stomach he pulled his pants back up I then went downstairs and got spare key and went to bed next morning partner at breakfast partner turned to me wink first and the words did you enjoy urself last night xxxxxx

Written by Funcpl2023

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