Written by Pete

3 Aug 2017

Aine and I are in our mid forties and have been married for twenty years, we are a normal couple but are always looking to open new doors. We were half way through a holiday in turkey, just relaxing and having a nice time. This day we were staying in the hotel, Aine laying by the pool, me just drinking in the bar and playing pool. Aine is a slim petite red head, really good looking woman that never is short of attention. She looks after herself, is very toned with small pert tits and a great personality. A young guy of about 20 or so was offering the women there a massage, he asked Aine a couple of times but she declined. I was teasing her and said she should have one, it would do her good. So in the evening I paid the guy to give her a message, she had no choice, so I went back to playing pool with other guests. He took her to a room with a couple of massage tables, one was being used by his colleague and an English lady. He put her face down on the table and started to rub her legs, working his way up. She said it was really relaxing and she felt amazing, probably helped by the drinks and the sun. She noticed that as he massaged her thighs he pushed his hands between her legs, brushing by her pussy. He untied her bikini top and did her back, again just touching the side of her tits as he did her sides. He asked her to turn over, and she held her bikini on her tits as she did so. He again started on her legs and again made attempts to brush by her pussy as he did so. She said she was so relaxed now and had her eyes closed, her mind thinking about the young stud with his hands all over her body. She then felt her bikini top being removed, the cool air and the oil made her nipples erect. She felt his hands gently massage them and rub her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. She said it was at this stage she lost her way, she opened her eyes and right beside her she could see his hard cock straining to get out of his shorts. She inadvertently put her hand down and started to rub her pussy, next thing she felt was him slide his hand down her tummy, under her bikini bottom and his finger trace her slit. She said she felt like her pussy was on fire, he smiled at her and asked "you want extras pretty lady?", she bit her lip and just nodded. He went to the bottom of the table and gently pulled off her bottoms, pushed her legs apart and went at eating her pussy, she was reeling, this young Turkish lad eating her pussy and making her come on his tongue. Before she had come down from that high he had rolled on a rubber and climbed between her legs, she just lay there as he pushed his cock deep inside my wife's pussy. She came again soon after he entered her, a new cock, a huge one, and it being driven by a young guy was too much. He was very fit and was fucking her hard and fast now, it was then she realised that his colleague was beside the table and was feeling her tits, she didn't know when his client left or what she had witnessed. Just then she felt the young guy's cock spasm and he groaned "ahh, yes baby, I cum" and he gave her a few hard deep thrusts as he emptied his balls. He pulled out and as he did his colleague looked at her and motioning to her pussy said "I give you more?". She said she was so high she again just nodded, he was much older, moustache and a beer belly. He pulled off his shorts, rolled on a rubber, pulled her down to the end of the table and drive his cock up her pussy. He was sweating as he fucked her, the young guy was massaging her tits, his softening cock inches from her face. Then the older guy started fucking her really hard, pulling her in by her hips, he started groaning and she knew he was cuming. He pulled out, got dressed, thanked her and left. The young guy brought her back to me, said "she is very good, very beautiful, I take care of her " and left. She looked so happy, said we need to go up to the room. Once there she told me all about it and I got a great blow job before fucking her silly and filling her up with cum.