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Trying to bring back my teenage years

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Published 1 year ago
I am married with 2 children and I'm 33years old. I have my own business and I work from home. 2 years ago a friend asked if her friends son could do some work experience with me for 2weeks. I really didn't want this as I work from home and I didn't like the idea of someone else being in my house. But I agreed to do it. The first day paul arrived he was wearing tight tracksuit bottoms with his lunchbox protruding through his bottoms and a t-shirt. I stared at him for a second longer than I should have just amazed at his youthfulness and his tanned skin and slim toned body. Paul was drop dead gorgeous. After the day was over I felt myself reminiscing about my teenage years and my first kiss and my first ride. I felt a massive emptiness come over me as if them feelings and excitement where gone forever. I was only 31. Myself and my husband all most never french kissed. We might have sex once a week or maybe less. A want started to develop inside of me and what made it worst was paul started to open up and let his personality out. He was funny and playful very cheeky. I was fascinated with his lips and his smile and smell. I started to masturbate every chance I got about paul fucking me and as the first week of his work experience ended I started to panic that he would be gone shortly and that would be my chance gone of ever bringing back them magical feelings. Paul was due back in work on Tuesday so I took the monday off and my hair done nails done and got a Brazilian. The excitement was pouring through my veins. When paul showed up for work on tuesday I could see he was surprised at how well I looked. Paul knew instinctively that this was for his benefit and when we sat down for lunch he broke into conversation about how his girlfriend wanted to have sex and he wasn't sure if he was big enough to satisfy her. I didn't hesitate I just calmly asked if he would like me to take a look. I brought him upstairs to my bedroom pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and got on my knees pulled out his cock from his boxer's and started to give him a blowjob, his cock was perfect bigger than my husband's but not to big. I couldn't wait to kiss him, I wanted to only suck him off for a minute or two and then get to the kissing and move on from there but paul without much warning ejaculated in my mouth after less than 2mins of a blowjob. He got embarrassed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I calmed him down got him to leave his clothes off and lay on the bed with him french kissing for over an hour, my pussy was soaking at this stage I started to pull on Paul's cock and he was hard within seconds, I stripped off and sat on Paul's cock but again paul lasted less than a couple of mins. I was fucking well frustrated I started to panic as I was sure paul would tell someone about this. Paul was extremely awkward the next day and the following day he went straight up to my bedroom took his clothes off and got into my bed, I was shocked when I walked in. Paul explained that he could do much better than the other day but I told him no way that it was just a one off thing and I headed back down to the office paul followed me down the stairs and into the office with his cock fully erect, he explained if I didn't get me clothes off and get into bed he would ring his parents and tell my husband. I tried to reason with him but he kept picking up his phone to ring his mam. So I got undressed and got on all fours in the bed and let paul pound me for 5mins. I gave him a blowjob before he would go home, 4 or 5 mins tops before he would cum in my mouth and then the same the next day straight up stairs for sex and a blowjob later that day. I was relieved to see the back of him and spent many nights waiting for a knock on the door from him or his parents but I'm over it now and look at teenage boys as little bastards now.

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