Written by TKMax

8 Jun 2017

I regularly work away for weeks at a time and in my absence my wife Sara needs attention, as you'll know by my previous stories she is not shy, has a very high sex drive and needs it quite often. We had a married friend we trusted and he used to call and service her but he became worried about being found out, so he suggested a friend of his from another town. He was older, a widower and a successful business man, Sara never sees age as an issue so she met him and it started from there. She could call him up and he would tend to her needs, and she liked him, he was well endowed and was a giver as much as a taker.

Recently I'd been away for a week when Sara contacted (Bill), he said he was going to France for a couple of days on business, and she was welcome if she fancied it, being on her own she said why not. He picked her up in the morning and they flew out, arriving at the hotel after lunch.

Once in the room they did what came naturally, Sara sucked Bill hard and he fucked her pussy hard before pumping his cum inside her.

He went to meet his two friends and told her he'd meet her for dinner later. At dinner he introduced her to Peter, an elderly English man, and Stu, an American guy, early thirties that worked for Peter. Bill was in his element as the others complimented Sara thinking she was his wife. After dinner the drinks flowed and Bill asked Sara if she would be up for entertaining his friends, Sara knew what he meant and said fine, lets have some fun. The two others couldn't believe their luck when they got back to the room, Bill proudly stripped Sara naked and invited them to touch her. Sara said it became electric in the room as they started to work on her. Peter was kissing her and Stu dropped to his knees to get at her shaved pussy, they were frantically going for it, as if they thought it would end at any moment. The three worked together to pleasure her, laying her on the bed Stu was eating her pussy. Bill told her to suck Peters cock, she said it was really long but slim and as she sucked it Bill sucked her tits as Stu made her come on his tongue. By now she was really into it, Bill was ecstatic as Stu said " wow man, your wife is so hot, what a beautiful pussy". Sara said Peter then mounted her, sliding easily in and started to fuck her. Stu offered his cock to her mouth, it was not very long but very fat with a big helmet. Peter didn't last long before he shot his hot seed into her. As soon as he pulled out it was Stu that took control, turning her over and taking her from behind, stretching her with his fat cock, he was sweating and fucking her hard, driving her on to Bills cock as he fucked her mouth. It was watching Bill hold her head as he came in her mouth that made Stu tense up and empty his load in her too. After a couple of drinks they went at it again, this time taking it slowly and trying new things, Sara is not a lover of anal, but she took Peters cock up her arse as she lay on Stu with him in her pussy, Bill completed the set by fucking her mouth, Sara later joked that she still had two free hands!!.

The next day Sara was never left alone, someone always stayed with her and as always Sara repaid their generosity with great sex, for the next couple of days she was spoiled rotten and was never without a cock