Written by Bedtimebaby

31 Oct 2011

Ah another day coming to an end , time to head home for dinner and get

ready for the night out . Shutting the field gate behind me safe in

the knowledge that all the cattle are there and settled for now , I

start the walk home … When I hear a tractor coming up the road behind

me , this is nothing new around here so I just keep walking and making

plan for my night out in my head as one dose .After a few min I notice

the tractor doesn’t pass me and I turn around to see whom it may be ,

A smile lighting my face as I see its you …You must have been working

late …Climbing up the step to the cab I am greeted with a killer smile

and “Hi hun need a roide home “ …… “Sure “ I reply and settle into the

the door way with ease .. “Want to go the long way ?” you ask with

devilment in your eyes and a smile that say I promise you more “Hmmm

lets “ and as the tractor gains power I am jerked towards you ..You

reach out and pull me to you and steal a quick kiss and I settle on

your lap and enjoy the warm evening air …

Pulling into a lay by not farm from the yard yet far enough as to have

some privacy …You kill the lights all bar the in cab one and pull me

tight against you for a kiss that demands more ..As I respond in kind

I can feel your hands ramming my body …neck .shoulder , back teasing

me with your hands and the power they hold ..

Slowly you stand me in the cab beside you and even slower you undress

me . T-shirt , Bra pull away with ease as you lower you lips to my

breasts my breath catches with the sudden surge off desire I feel and

I lean into you as your tongue works on first one nipple then the

other ..Your hands busy at my jeans as you slip them down along with

my panties and help me step out off them ..Lips travel to my neck and

as you tease and play there I feel hands that’s are strong and warm

running over me inch by inch …shivering as you find a hot wet pussy

and tease and tease it with strong fingers put not giving me what I

now crave …

Taking my hands you pull me up to you and slide one off my legs over

you lap so that I am half stand in front off you . As you lift me and

slid me back so that I am sitting on the steering wheel , you raise my

lags to the arm rest either side off you ..I am open to you ., No

barriers , as you lower you head between my legs to a wet , slippery

and wanton pussy ..Your tongue darts over my pussy lips with skill and

demand ..Over and over again driving me to moan your name in a plea

for more .. As my hips raise to meet you I can feel you hands join the

play as you part my lips for greater access and you tongue now darts

in and out lapping at pussy juices that are flowing for you now and as

my head falls back I fell two fingers slip within a tight pussy and

the magical sensation that come with it makes me clinch tight with

need as the dance and play and entice that spot that you know will

send me into a whirl ..Again and again and as my hips raise to meet

you , you start to slide in and out with need and force and demand ..

Harder , faster adding more fingers to the game you are playing as you

mouth and tongue work on a tight hot clit , sucking and licking and

nipping …shivers run through my body as power full orgasm over takes

my need to have more …fast you finger fuck me to the limits off what I

can endure and as my juices flow over you fingers and hand you lap

them up with greed …Slowly with drawing to raise from your seat and

slide a hard hot throbbing cock into where your fingers where , Slowly

easing into me inch by inch filling me to the core and as I feel your

balls meet my ass I jerk hard against you sucking you deeper as my

pussy holds tight and you start to pound into me …Faster ..Harder ..

Deeper with each thrust , Balls slapping my ass as you fuck me deep

with each stroke and my pussy pulls and milks and suck and clenches

around a cock that promises so much ..

And as I near the threshold off no return you fingers find my clit

and pinch it sending shock wave through my body and I start to shake

and spasm with the need for release ….Then when I cant take anymore

its as if you know and you fuck me with such force and need that we

are lost in our world now and as the tremors are as one we both cum

with an earthshaking needed and are lost in the moment as spur after

spur fills me and our juices are one again we hold tight to each other

waiting for it to subside as out breaths slow and hearts beat as on

again you pull me close and hold me tight as if you keep me safe , Yet

I know I am safe with you .

“Time to go home hun “ you say with a shy “ Yes “ I reply placing a

soft kiss on your cheek as I sort my clothes and smile at you “ See

you in an hours then “ ….”Need a lift ? “ you ask with a twinkle in

your eyes

“MMMMMMMMMMM Yes “ I reply as I hop down from the tractor and just

look back to see you blow a kiss as I rush off to get ready for more