Written by THECouple

27 Apr 2017

My lovely girl and I had a lot of fantasies, lucky for me one her fantasies was the same as mine... after many years swinging together we took our 1st big step of swing clubs.

Amy is 26. She is thin and tall, about a size 8 and 5 foot 8 , her legs and ass are perfect , so are her tits. Being a looker we never had trouble having fun around Ireland but we decided to take it abroad.

We booked a week in a very nice city and found the perfect club. The 1st night was a new comers night and it was great to break the ice. We went in and had to undress down to our underwear. Amy wore a black silk top and a pair of red thongs and we walked around the small bar area checking out other couples. 1st we made a few friends and had some drinks and loosened ourselves up in the hot tub, then we made our way to some of the rooms where a few couples were fucking in small groups. We found a small booth with our friends and we gradually started to make out and Amy started to suck my cock ... after a few minutes the two girls had swapped and I was getting head from a nice French girl in her early 30s and Amy was sucking on a French mans cock... after some of this we moved in to small cubicle and and fucked our new friends. The French girl was amazing she was very happy to have me in all her holes and sucked and swallowed every drop of my cum for her husband to see, Amy didn't want to be second so she got on all 4s and sucked me again while the french guy pounded her hard till he came.

It was about 4am by the time we got back to the hotel and we were drained.. It was a good night but Amy didn't get the experience she wanted so we went back the following night. The theme for the night was group sex so there were plenty of young men around and to my surprise there were loads of great looking young and middle aged women too. We were speechless and staring at first watching 40-50 year old single women laying on table getting fucked by 7-8 guys at a time.

After a good few drinks and plenty of flirting Amy finally took off her top and laid back on a couch for me to go down on her, within half a minute there were a few men watching and one guy pulled out his cock and Amy started sucking on it... I kept sucking on her clit and she sucked some guy off and next thing we know there were three other guys around us.. one put on a condom just as I made her cum , he swiftly put his cock inside her started to fuck her as I watched.. She was fucked by me plus 6 other guys that night. She must have had 20-30 orgasms and her pussy was glowing red.

Amazing to cross that off our list of things to do