Written by cpl4cpl2cam

3 Mar 2016

ok here is a thing that happened a few years ago, this thing as some of you might know from my cam sessions I adore being watched. we were away in a hotel in Waterford one cold wet wintery November......we went into the town for some fun but it was mid week and nothing happening so we went back to the hotel,

after a few in the bar we went to bed and we were both so horny playing, teasing ,dressing up but we had no laptop with us.

I said to hubby what I would give to be on cam now...an hour or so later hubby went for more wine and came back with a great idea he would tie me up blind fold me and spank me a little but I had to wear my earphones and listen to a guy on the phone wanking off.......

hummmm a realy different thing ....so I agreed tied hands and feet to the bed with only a sheet over me and little tight short panties on,he rang the number a man answered I was able to chat to him and hear him masturbate I was so horny when I felt my sheet being pulled down I cant hear anything but the guy on the phone.....then I feel him touching my pussy pressing between my lips getting me so so wet I'm breathing heavey the guy on the phone hears this and gets more excited finger goes inside me OMG..... yes I say keep going its so erotic he does my panties pulled down I feel a cold tounge lick my slit stopping at my clit working fast I arch my back ....fuck yes please don't stop....the man on the phone askes me to tell him what happening in detail I tell him about my pussy getting licked and near cumming he reaches up pinching my nipples I cant hold on anymore and explode in orgasam 3/4 twitches later I relax listening to the man cumming....he hangs up I'm so still horny but so happy it was so different.......a few mins later hubby unties me I take off blind fold and we cuddle lets go to the bar for a drink he says but don't dress just wear your coat......it was 1am we went down and had a drink sitting at the bar hubby hand me his phone and tells me to go look in the gallery......thinking he took pics but there was a video....me on the bed but whos hands were in me on me touching me.....its zooms out omg a stranger licking me while he records it I look at him who? tell me who? he looks over to the barman a black guy cute as hell .. no way I blush he looks and winks at us,,,did he cum ...yes he did in ur panties and u are to wear them in bed later .....what a night we had me and hubby