Written by DJGC

14 Oct 2009

My husband works away from home, so when the kids are at school I use the gym at the local rugby club to kill time and use up energy. The fitter I got the more my sexual appetite increased. I knew I looked good and I was fitter than most of the men in the gym and had energy to burn.

I had got friendly with a couple of the rugby guys who trained there, they were young but very fit and had hard bodies and they were always eager to help me on the equipment.

My man had some fantasies about me fucking other men while he was away and then texting him to tell him, but I never really considered actually doing this. Though as time went on I started to wonder if I could actually carry this out. After all it was only living out his fantasy.

The thought left my mind with the usual day to day grind, until one morning I was at the gym alone, working hard as usual. I was working off my frustration as I was getting bored with Mr Rabbit and I needed to release the pent up energy.

One of the rugby guys walked in. I had seen him before but paid little notice, though as there was just the two of us I had no option but to talk to him. He noticed me doing some light weights and told me how to stand and use the weights effectively.

As I worked out he held my arms as I lifted the weights, moving them into the correct position. Before now I didn't think of him 'in that way' but the close personal contact started to arouse my awareness of him.

At one point he placed his hands on my thighs and pushed them into the correct position, I giggled, embarrassed slightly and he smiled.

As I lifted the weights his hands then came under my arms very close to my breasts, and I gasped very faintly, hoping he thought it was just my exertions, but he heard me and smiled. By this stage I was extremely turned on and felt my nipples getting hard, much to my embarrassment, though it was quite obvious that he was thinking similar thoughts as his shorts were showing a slight bulge.

After some time working out he suddenly said that he needed a shower and I half- jokingly said 'I suppose you need will need help with that', he didn't reply, he just came over, clasped my hand and led me to the changing rooms. When I got there I got cold feet and told him it was 'too much too soon'. He apologised saying 'I'm sorry I got a bit carried away' and went by himself to the showers.

I heard him switch on the shower as I undressed, and as I stood there naked I thought back to my husband's fantasy and thought 'what the hell', so I took my shampoo and opened the door of his cubicle. He was standing with his back to me naked and wet with his body covered in soap. I let my towel drop and walked in, he didn't hear me straight away so I touched his hard bum and he jumped and turned round. I was immediately confronted by his enormous cock which was covered in water and soap. He grabbed me instantly and kissed me hungrily. I could feel his cock harden against my belly while his hands reached down and grabbed my ass. I reached down and grabbed his cock and he moaned and arched his back so I knelt down and started to kiss the tip of his cock while pulling it. He started to thrust in and out of my throat until he grabbed me by the hair saying he didn't want to come just yet. I stood up and he poured soap all over me and started to lather it up. He rinsed me and started to kiss me starting with my ears then working his way to my neck and on to my breasts and biting and licking my now aching erect nipples. Eventually he worked his way down to my inner thighs and then to the outside of my pussy, slowly parting the lips with his tongue then kissing and probing everywhere except my clit. He then lightly started to flick my clit with his tongue, though as I was so turned on I grabbed his head and pulled him into me, wanting him soo badly. He followed my lead and started to run the flat of his tongue over my clit and his finger started to probe my ass. By this stage I was thrusting hard against him and he pushed his finger right into my asshole. I came straight away pulsing in waves, over and over while holding his head into my throbbing pussy.

He immediately turned me round and pushed his cock into me, fucking me hard as I held on to the shower. I came again while he fucked me and at that moment he came inside me with a loud moan.

We stood there holding onto each other for what seemed a long time, his come running down my thigh. We were completely out of energy but he said 'That was the best workout ever, we should do it again', I agreed and said 'Same time next week then'.